Games matter more than slight price differences

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User Info: fan360

3 years ago#51
OpheliaAdenade posted...
I don't even know what Killer Instinct is.

It is an old SNES fighting game.
Just like Shenmue, Microsoft bought the company and rights from Nintendo.

It is just another example that an evil company buys a small company and fire everyone.

User Info: OKRecords1138

3 years ago#52
TC considers a hundred bucks to be a "slight" price difference? Must be nice to have that kind of money lying around.
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User Info: GoFudgeUrself

3 years ago#54
How am I an idiot?

User Info: jakestar0306

3 years ago#55
GoFudgeUrself posted...
How am I an idiot?

Because you like Microsoft, and anyone who had their own opinion and likes scum like them instead of brilliant, original innovators like Sony doesn't deserve respect of any kind.

... Is what most people here think nowadays. No one is allowed to have their own opinion anymore without being called a "blind idiot fanboy".

But in all fairness, "GoFudgeUrself" isn't a very good name IMO.
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I do not support homosexuality in any way.

User Info: Troika19

3 years ago#56
xHuckleberry posted...
lol @ killer instinct being the deal breaker for next gen
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