Heres a list for the Xbox people who hate indie games

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User Info: HelmesSeifer

3 years ago#21
mcnichoj posted...
HelmesSeifer posted...
Microsoft is doing it along with Sony.
Isn't Sony the one band wagon hopping? Have some of you never actually seen the XBLA marketplace before?

O your totally right. The irony was that xbox fanboys were totally hating on indie games after sony's press conference. Microsoft really started the indie game idea on consoles, but people have short memories. I simply meant joining sony as Microsoft also committing highly to indie games for the future.
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User Info: Jiggy101011

3 years ago#22
SupaShig posted...
Jiggy101011 posted...
It was never about "hating" indies, the arguement was about people were trying to say indies were on the same level as some AAA games and thus trying to make their "exclusive" list bigger.

I dont mind indies, personally I have put more time into ezmuze+ than I have a lot of $60 retail games last gen. However I would never tout an indie game as a reason to get a next gen console over another.

For example I am not going to buy a PS4 for Resogun, just like I wouldnt have bought an Xbox 360 for Braid.

So games like Ryse and Knack are better than games like Resogun and Minecraft? Gotta love dem AAA games that charge $60 for an inferior product than what Indies offer for $10

Nowhere in my post did I mention AAA games are better than indie games. I said that the majority of gamers arent buying these $400/$500 consoles for the indie titles.

Also if you read my post I said I put more time into an indie title compared to some AAA games last gen. But at the end of the day it is a VERY VERY small percentage of people who would buy an Xbox 360 to play Minecraft.
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User Info: elchris79

3 years ago#23
Bastion is in my top 5 games of the last few years. It singlehandely sold me on the idea that indies could be excellent.
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