stupidity here is fine but in a store?

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User Info: alicexdeadpool

4 years ago#1
I rarely get annoyed by this console war nonsense, but when i went to gamestop to pick up my console the dude told me that no one wants a xbox and its not selling and talked about ps4. I know want want so i said give me all your xboxs you have plus my reserve. Then in the next breath he goes we are sold out. I spoke to his manager about him implying they have xboxs for sale and the manager apologized and gave me a 20 dollar gift card. A course i told him i was going to call corporate and stuff for this crap.

User Info: gumbyxcore99

4 years ago#2
I'm at least 98% sure this is not true but employees should keep their opinions to themselves

User Info: alicexdeadpool

4 years ago#3
U would be surprised what kind of stuff companies would do when its not the customers fault but an employees that isnt following the companies standards.

User Info: UnhelpfulNPC

4 years ago#4
Could be, or it couldn't. I did deal with one rampant fanboy at gamestop once. I went in to pick up Lost Odyssey, and the dude went on a tangent about how 360 is trash and has no games blah yadda blah blah. Stupid me got in an argument with him for a good ten wasted minutes. Long story short, I haven't seen him there since.

User Info: MilesTeg420

4 years ago#5
I overheard a Gamestop employee tell a customer with a kid that Xbox One has 360 BC if you plug the 360 into it, and that the Xbox One has a really powerful cloud. The guy kinda shrugged it off, no BC was really a deal breaker for this guy. You could tell he had spent quite a bit on 360 stuff for his kid over the years.

User Info: Church5SiX1

4 years ago#6
Went into GameStop wearing a master chief shirt and the manager who I used to be cool with starting telling me how halo is trash and cod is so much better, but not in a friendly debate way, an insulting way. Never shopped at a gamestop again and cannot wait for them to go out of business.
Xbox 360 GT - Church 5SiX1

User Info: XenoMecha

4 years ago#7
I went to GameStop and the employee killed my daughter because I looked at the Xbox one demo. Never shopped again.
PSN: Eternius00


4 years ago#8
I think it's even sadder that you told his manager on him over something so stupid
Gamertag- TJ UNLIMIT3D

User Info: xacebop

4 years ago#9
Calling corporate probably wont do much. I suggest calling the district manager. Mine at least would fire you on the spot if he heard an employee doing this

User Info: alicexdeadpool

4 years ago#10
TJ_UNLIMITED posted...
I think it's even sadder that you told his manager on him over something so stupid

well man, what can i say. Im a paying customer and i know what i want. If a employee isnt going to be professional then he shouldnt work there. If i asked him about the product then that would be a different story. He is a grown as man, he should know better. No pitty from me at all
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