Why is everybody acting like TitanFall will be a system seller?

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User Info: Schwub

3 years ago#61
"Why is everybody acting like TitanFall will be a system seller?"

Do you understand the concept of majority rules. That means that YOU are wrong, and that TitanFall will INDEED be a system seller.

User Info: HenryKazuka

3 years ago#62
You have the cheaper version (360) and the superior version (PC).
It will probably sell more on the 360 than the X1 and the PC. So a don't think it will be THE system seller, but it will push sales anyway (like what P4G did on the Vita x 30).
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3 years ago#63
Schwub posted...
"Why is everybody acting like TitanFall will be a system seller?"

Do you understand the concept of majority rules. That means that YOU are wrong, and that TitanFall will INDEED be a system seller.

The majority of the world once thought it was flat you genius. Your logic is in the toilet.
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3 years ago#64
bridog346 posted...
DisgaeaNut posted...
bridog346 posted...
Putting a lot of faith in the average consumer who typically want the newest and best version

Just look at tvs and phones the average consumer usually goes for the newer and better specs.

We are talking about a singular game at the moment. The average consumer in our economy, to purchase a game, will get the version that's on a console they already own.

Then why are the consoles already in high demand outselling both companies previous launches, seems to me if someone can afford it they will get it because only really poor people won't buy a new one. people will save and buy the newest product regardless of the price of the old one. Hell ps4 has one game and that sold pretty well and most ps4 purchaser says the same thing about it being an investment.

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Gamertag- TJ UNLIMIT3D

User Info: CannondaleBob

3 years ago#65
TJ_UNLIMITED posted...
It hasn't even come out yet. Reminds me of all the hype CoD has been getting over the years just to be a letdown. How will you act if it turns out to be a flop?

How is call of duty a let down, it is one of the best selling games ever every single year. Even tho it barley changes and the competition is better, it is the number 1 shooter. That means opinions don't matter, only sales do, and sales are directly affected by what people perceive, and the perception is Titanfall will be amazing, so it will sell well, it will probably sell a few systems, if it is good the 1st time around everyone will probably buy the same game again next year and the year after with minor updates to it. That's another lesson here, people are sheep, if you can capture their fancy the 1st time you can milk that for several years.
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User Info: MetroidFan9999

3 years ago#66
If it will be available on last gen and PC, then it won't be a system seller for the X1...

It isn't that hard of a concept.
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User Info: Spideyknight

3 years ago#67
I'm buying it on PC, but in all honesty, it looks really awesome. I really hope it's good. More sci-fi, particularly mechs, on any platform is a good thing.
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User Info: CaliberChamp

3 years ago#68
I don't and can't believe it won so many E3 awards more so than Witcher 3 which looks a lot more superior than titanfall. It just shows what the market wants more and more generic shooters when I already have enough of them in my collection of games. I'm not buying it. If there is another shooter I ll be getting its Destiny. Doesn't seem as generic as the rest.
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User Info: dementedlullaby

3 years ago#69
As long as there is a fairly large community to play with I don't really care if it's a system seller or not. I might just buy the PC version anyway. After installing my new hard drive/solid state drive for my PC and playing BF4 for the first time I was fairly blown away.
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User Info: synsyko

3 years ago#70
Shiro-RedWind- posted...
I think in the idea of fairness and integrity we need to do a pro and con list of why this game will sell at all and for what reasons given it is a title to come out over the board and being hoisted as a primary factor in the X1's library of great games.

- Multi-platform. (Argue it how you like, but exclusive means respective to either that one company or that one console. It is pulling straws if we call it multi-play for being on X1 and 360, despite them both being MS products. But it officially becomes unquestionable when it comes to it releasing on PC as well.)
- New IP
- Demo impressions have been nothing but positive.
- Highly anticipated product

- Cheaper price tag for opposing version (With the PC version being offered, and most people having pcs, questionably able to run high end games or on mid settings, the lower price tag makes the PC version a bargain option for some.)
- Multiplayer only (This can be a toss up, but given most casual players and buyers generally lean into the FPS market online play for some may not justify the purchase if it's all it has to offer. Throw in that PC will be the only version with true free online play (needing Gold for 360 and X1) and that can also not sum up to being worth it for most.
- Multi-Studio Development (While most people may not care that multiple studios made the title. Debates over which version of something are always at hand. It goes without saying that the game will be superior on the X1 and PC versions, respectively because of graphical power and development by the main house toward the X1. But this also harms it in that every variation is going to get shafted in some way. X1 for the high console price + 60 just to play. 360 Version for none of the X1 features and weaker graphics. PC version for none of the X1 features and potentially spotty development porting.)

So in the end it all really boils down to some key facts here.

- Titanfall is not an exclusive to X1 as it is shared between its older brother the 360 and PC.
- Titanfall is in development by multiple parties. Respawn (the head devs) and others for the 360 and PC respectively.
- Titanfall's draw is going to bring in buyers that is for certain. But some may not feel justified in paying 500 dollars + to experience the " Better " variant. And with Xbox 360's already out in the universe as well as being on sale, if someone wants the game they have much cheaper alternatives in the PC and 360.
- The game sports a Multiplayer only archtype which may or may not work in the games favor, but most instances are leaning toward not likely.
- The possibility of a bundle is likely, but will still insist that a 500+ purchase be made should you want the X1 variant.

End of the day it all comes down to the consumer base. But judging the answer, I do not see this pushing lots of X1s as it will individual units. And I think by the time it comes out, if people were not already willing or wanting an X1, they certainly were not going to only change their mind just for Titanfall

Add to the cons that it is most likely made on the same engine as Call of Duty(ie ID Tech 3 which is the engine Quake 3 came out on in 1999) with similar upgrades to the rendering pipeline to allow for HD graphics.

Also why was there the whole huge split between Activision and the bulk of Infinity Ward. With all the lawsuits and everything else you would have thought they wanted to go and make a completely different game. If all they wanted to do was make a parkour version of Call of Duty with mech units Activision should have let them since they went for the futuristic COD anyway.
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