Glossy black consoles + my OCD = bad mix

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User Info: ElChosenHombre

3 years ago#1
Gonna sound stupid here but thats just my nature, I find the glossy black of the new consoles looks outstanding but under any sort of close scrutiny, with my OCD it just becomes a nightmare. Dust and fingerprints galore, more the latter as I make sure to never actually touch the console.

And when you do clean the system, no matter what you use, you will leave tiny hairline scratches. I use a lens grade microfiber cloth. Miniscule scratches not visible normally, but under a bright light or say a flashlight (sadly, yes I do this) you can see those awful little imperfections etched into the beautiful glossy finish. People who say otherwise just aren't as disgustingly observant as I am. In fact, with the Xbox One, I noticed hairline scratches actually from the original packaging--friction between the protective sheet and foam supports I suppose.

I know reflective plastics are especially soft and this sort of thing is literally unavoidable, but what do you guys think about it? As normal humans, you probably don't think about it, but I guess some advice would help. Probably professional help I need, but just throwing it out there.

User Info: hellslave

3 years ago#2
Aren't matte finishes more succeptable to grease stains, though?

User Info: keyweez360

3 years ago#3
Think about it this way: Either you wipe the consoles and take the surface scratches therein, or you don't clean them, avoid scratches but amass dust on and around the systems. Pretty sure you know which is worse.

I'm very mindful of the condition of my belongings especially with regard to gaming, but you've gotta put the actual performance and health of your equipment before anything else. Like you said, and I've found this to be the case too, surface scratching is unavoidable with glossy plastics. So don't let normality bother you.

Also, don't shine flashlights on your stuff.

User Info: SEGA128DC

3 years ago#4
Hmm, I'm more concerned with fingerprints than light scratches on gloss surfaces. But, it is harder to see light scratches on the Halo 4 (Limited Edition) console...
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User Info: Adrastia

3 years ago#5
I'm insane about piano/glossy black type plastics and dust and fingerprints. Even with my phone. I'm always cleaning it with lens cleaner an a lens cloth. People think I'm overdoing it but I just can't stand it. Back when most consoles were matte finish it wasn't a big issue. Even when stuff got dirty at least it wasn't all fingerprinty.

I liked the finish on the Sega Genesis. It was smooth but not glossy save for a bit around the top. The finish was just right.

Unfortunately, even when you follow the directions for lens cleaner and cloth the same way you would for glasses scratches can happen. It can even happen with glasses. When I'm in a hurry I don't always clean my glasses the right way. And I see the scratches in my glasses when checking them out under bright light. But it's so much easier and often necessary to replace a pair of glasses from time to time anyway.

My TV, PC tower faceplate, and the front rim of my monitor are all piano black. To make matters worse my bedroom furniture is glossy black lacquer. But free furniture set was free so... I'm surrounded by glossy black that constantly needs to be dusted and de-fingerprinted. But it's far worse with electronics because just powering them on produces a charge that attracts dust. And even if you try not to touch them too much it's guaranteed some friend or family member is going to.

Some cleaning products exist for electronics. Pledge makes wipes that are safe for them. But I don't know if they leave the same micro scratches. You could try something like a typewriter dust cover or a similar product. Although that also gets into the issue with the vents. I considered one for my consoles then I remembered that even when they are plugged in and not in use they can be warm. Better safe than sorry.

My best advice is to keep glossy consoles out of dusty areas. So away from fans and vents. Dust and vacuum regularly, especially if you have pets. Keep your hands clean and don't touch your console after eating without washing your hands. If you have kids or young siblings or if kids are frequent guests in your home make sure they aren't touching your console with sticky hands.

They make these glossy consoles with the idea that they look sleek, futuristic and shiny. But they end up looking dingy because of the glossy finish. I much prefer matte.
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User Info: ElChosenHombre

3 years ago#6
^This post has made me very happy. Always good to find others with similar mentalities. Reassuring, I guess. But I guess you guys are right. it is better to take the small micro scratches and eliminate dust rather than no scratches and full of dust.

User Info: Mindwipe77

3 years ago#7
i coulda done w/o the glossy black on both new systems
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