Can BF4 and Ghost coexist in your gaming libary?

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User Info: Anthonyana

3 years ago#1
Or is there only room enough for 1 shooter when it comes to these games? Should u own both if your a shooter fan or is one good enough.

User Info: WeirdShroom

3 years ago#2
Neither can exist in mine short of coming to be there for free.

I prefer a little(or huge) twist(be that comedy, horror, scifi or whatever else) on my shooters, not boring run of the mill military stuff.

I do, enjoy the core mechanics of COD, though. BF on the otherhand has never been that great IMO.

I'm more of a Halo man myself. Titanfall looks to be the ultimate middleground between realistic military and great sci-fi though.
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User Info: TurdFurgesonSSG

3 years ago#3
I have both and don't see an issue with enjoying them together. I tend to play ghosts when I'm alone and BF4 when I'm playing with friends.

User Info: PsyGunWulf

3 years ago#4
Yes if they can get BF4 working properly. They may be very similar in a lot of ways but they're also very different in a lot of ways. Titanfall may change it up a bit though.

User Info: SaintFC_

3 years ago#5
Same genre but pretty different games so yes, definitely. Though the fans of each generally dislike each other.
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User Info: Rarehunter_idol

3 years ago#6
I've had COD and BF games in my library for a long time now. There are times where I want to play a specific type of shooter and having both helps with that.

That said, it saddens me when I play BF and the most popular mode is one with no vehicles, only close quarters combat :(
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User Info: xFrostxPhoenix

3 years ago#7
No, but only because I'm tired of CoD. I have dedicated at least 15 days playtime for every game since CoD4, and I also do not like the new IW. They seem to make maps more and more horrible every time they release another map/game.
GT: xFrostxPhoenix
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User Info: GnarKills

3 years ago#8
I have and enjoy both. CoD is always good when I just want to play a quick match or two. Battlefield is for when I want longer matches with all sorts of craziness going on.
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User Info: TMOG

3 years ago#9
Nope. Never played a Call of Duty game that I enjoyed.

User Info: dengeist

3 years ago#10
I've skipped every other cod since black ops. I literally got burned out from cod. Skipped mw3, got black ops 2, burned out from that too. Will be skipping ghosts. On the other hand, I've been playing bf since bf 1942.

Sure they can coexist, because they are two different types of games. I think it's easier to get burnt out on cod, because it's literally the same thing every game. A bunch of snipers, a couple of smg/shotgun/pistol guys running around furiously trying to get kills as soon as possible to dominate.

Bf on the other hand can have that minus the killstreaks in one game and be totally tactical in the same lobby the next round.

Sure they can coexist, I just think a lot of cod fans can't adapt to bf so they downplay it.
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