Can BF4 and Ghost coexist in your gaming libary?

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User Info: WestSdeNleVrus

4 years ago#11
It was a lot easier for me to get them both when BF was coming out in like May and March. Now that they're the same month usually a week from each other....sadly, no. I just don't have the time.

On a side note. I wish Dice would hurry up and get their act together and fix BF4. It's ridiculous the simple things missing from previous games that aren't included in BF4.

User Info: Pacman2dx

4 years ago#12
I prefer BF to COD, I've played Ghost on the 360 and it's a lot like MW3 - which I hated, the guns worked but the actual soldier moved too slow for my liking when holding an assault rifle. Things picked up a bit if you went SMG but overall I couldn't enjoy myself because the game felt sluggish. In BF, I feel like the soldier moves at a 'happy medium' - not too fast .. not too slow either.
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User Info: Exodus_Prime

4 years ago#13
I prefer BF4 for multi player, I prefer COD for the over the top campaign. I have both next to eachother on my shelf, go figure :-P
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User Info: MRL3G3ND

4 years ago#14
I'll pick up ghosts out of the bargin bin when I get tired of BF4

I used to play them both, but COD is the same square maps where they drop you in and you play cat and mouse...

same ole dog and pony...I'm smarter than that
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User Info: Special-Edd

4 years ago#15
Ghosts is for when I want to enjoy quick fast action and short games. BF4 is for when I want to feel like I'm in the middle of a big long battle with tons of stuff happening all at once. Yes, they can most certainly coexist since they are similar but quite different.
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User Info: motoraptor

4 years ago#16
I own both and I see both as filler until Titanfall and Destiny release. Ghosts is mechanically sound, the net code, the hit detection is great. But it's just so boring. BF4 is spectacular, except when you want to play with friends, which is all the time for me. I seriously don't understand why you can't party up with friends before joining a game. That seriously ruins the game for me.
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  3. Can BF4 and Ghost coexist in your gaming libary?

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