$499 is not expensive for a new system in 2013/14.

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User Info: jsb0714

3 years ago#81
Semp1 posted...
Trust me I know I have both. Lastly it's just not that much money.

Just because you pay $900 for the systems and more to complement them doesn't everyone does, or would even want to. Hell, I bet the majority don't.
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User Info: nil_cam

3 years ago#82
It's all a matter of perspective. I can get a 3DS for under $200 and it has a much better library for my taste. Or I could get a Wii U which includes Wind Waker for $300 or so. WW is better than all of the launch titles for PS4 and Xbone combined.

User Info: needcaw231

3 years ago#83
If they both cost 499 then your right. Since the competition that has better hardware and costs 100 less, it becomes alot. Most people that got the first Kinect have had bad experiences and didn't really use it much so to them the extra 100 is to much.

User Info: INKU48

3 years ago#84
I bought a next gen console for less than half that price and it came with two games. It's called the Wii U and has plenty more good games than the PS4 and Xbone combined.
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User Info: F1areaGaman

3 years ago#85
More people are in poverty/debt in this country than ever before.

$400 is A LOT of money to a middle class family.

Single dudes working a post-graduate job living a lone in a crap apartment or in a house can afford it, sure.
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User Info: XtremeWRATH360

3 years ago#86
Semp1 posted...
I'm sorry I don't get the issue with the price. Sure $399 would have been better but I feel its unrealistic with what they give you. You get way more (Kinect, IR blaster, better made OS, like always a better online experience.) with the Xbox one for the price than the ps4. Trust me I know I have both. Lastly it's just not that much money. Sony made their system more money in 2006 with the launch of the PS3. With inflation it's amazing that both companies kept the price under $500. I love both systems. They both serve a purpose especially when it comes to exclusive content. But really people should stop complaining about a price that isn't that much at all.

It is expensive when you don't care about Kinect or IR blaster, indifferent about the OS and have a PC more powerful than an XB1 that gives a better online experience, at that point its a rip off!
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User Info: Ray5555

3 years ago#87
meetmenow posted...
I can't believe all the stupid comments in this thread.

I agree with you. people are just going to choose the console they want. for me I am planning on getting a xbox one. Not only for its games, but for it's online multiplayer, and it being a home media machine. It is something I feel comfortable having when my 3 year old niece comes over and we want to watch a movie.
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User Info: Akuryu

3 years ago#88
The Xbone being $100 more expensive isn't necessarily the deal breaker... it's that for your extra $100 you're getting Kinect and not much else. The hardware isn't more powerful than the competition.

I don't want Kinect. Titanfall, the most anticipated Xbone game, isn't even going to use it and I expect that to be the trend. If Microsoft had launched a $400 console without Kinect, right now you'd all be speculating about what Sony will do to catch up in sales and stay relevant outside of Japan, instead of creating reassurance topics like this one.

User Info: w3inerschnitzel

3 years ago#89
Semp1 posted...
dnmt posted...
Semp1 posted...
dnmt posted...
It's still more than the direct competitor which is a $100 cheaper and more powerful to boot.

Who made the rule it has to be the same price. It's offering more hardware. My XBone just feels better made and more expensive.

Hey bozo, we're talking about facts here not your "feelings". And by all accounts the PS4 is much better designed with its smaller size, internal PSU, cooler temperatures and a lower failure rate.

Ok internet forum tough guy relax. You just posted a whole topic of opinion. The ps4 hdmi failure rate seemed way more wide spread than the xbox ones disc fail rate. But I don't know because numbers weren't released and I was not affected by either. Also when it comes to running quiet and cool the xbone is silent and does not run hot. The ps4 is also fairly quiet but can be heard slightly if you listen closely enough. It also runs cool. Lastly what is fact, is from standby the xbone starts in about 10 seconds and shuts down in about 5. Can't say the same for the ps4's 30 second start up and shut down. And also to who ever said you can't include online experience because you have to subscribe is silly. That applies to both systems now. It was acceptable that psn was lesser quality when it was free now that sony forces a plus membership to play online on people with the ps4 just like Microsoft it can easily be brought up as a value comparison. That was a ridiculous statement. Btw I'm sure everyone here is a plus member but I do love the plus subscription too. I've been a subscriber for over two years and it offers great value. One last thing the poster that said $500 is a lot for something that is a child's toy should instantly go buy a wii u and stop playing video games all together. That comparison should stay locked in the 1980's/90's where it belongs. Tell that to the adults playing GTAV and let some parent buy it for their 10 year old. There's nothing about the xbox one that even implies they want children to buy it. Its main selling point is it controls home AVR devices and is a media hub. My opinion is Microsoft continues to push gaming forward while Sony remains safe. Let's not forget who made achievements up, who the first to add streaming video content (Netflix) to their devices were, and who made a home hub, and lastly who created the successful online play formula that is widely used now. Both systems are great but to say that either is expensive is silly. They are made for adults since the market I would say is primarily over age 16. The way I see it if you can't afford it at $399 and $499 at launch Microsoft and Sony didn't intend for that market of children and bargain hunter's to buy one yet.

How is it a ridiculous statement? You can't include the online experience in the price of the console BECAUSE you have to pay for it separately. If it was included with the console then it would be a deciding factor in the overall console price, however, because you have to pay separately for the online subscription, you can't use those as deciding factors in which is better console value. Now, if you were saying $450 for PS4 compared to $560 for XB1, as that's the total price including online subscriptions (granted, 1 year subscriptions) then it would make the argument more valid.

User Info: CaIiber345

3 years ago#90
I don't want to absorb the cost of a Kinect that I do not want and will never use. If Microsoft released Xbox One without Kinect I would have gladly bought one.
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