I was hyped for TES Online but then after waiting for a while...

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User Info: TheApd_Returns

4 years ago#31
Juzten76 posted...
Crysiania posted...
ESO looks terrible, ive heard reports that the combat is beyond mediocre which just does not work in an mmorpg.

So yea, i wouldnt hype ESO until you see what its like closer to release.

Keep in mind the game isnt even made by bethesda.

It can't be worse than the typical MMORPG that requires you to simply attack while spamming special abilities. Combat has always been mediocre in Elder Scrolls games and MMORPGS.

but it is worse. you're spamming special abilities while working a very simplified, unresponsive version of Skyrim melee combat.
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User Info: SubSeenix

4 years ago#32
bessy67 posted...
I think ESO looks cool, but I will not pay $15 a month no matter how good the game is.

It isn't good
The Beta was completely garbage
Even some F2P Noname MMOs are doing better compared to this.
In 20 years "wasting" time on MMOs this is compared to the standard we have right now one of the worst i ever played.

And remember
The PC Version has its release in April
There is no chance to fix this game in this short amount of time.
Not even talking about Endgame or anything to keep this game interesting for more than 1 month.
Everything you can imagine is complete crap - For some the state of the beta wouldn't even be Alpha worthy.

The only question is when ESO will go F2P - Still in 2014 or early 2015?
Its the next big name failing hard after the last Star Wars MMORPG.

Its kinda hard to believe there isn't a single MMORPG coming close to World of Warcraft.
That game is getting worse and worse every year but those other idiots can't still bring a MMORPG that can even compete with the WoW in its current state.
If you want to play a MMORPG and get some challenge out of this genre you have to pick WoW - Raiding is still on its own level there.And before someone complains > Hardmodes is where its at.

Next Game to look out for will probably be Everquest Next! -.- - PC and probably PS4 someday =)
Man i wanted ESO to be good - The ideas of the combat system sounded good even though i wouldn't want to play with randoms.Most people are even stupid enough for WoW.Don't want to see what happens when the people have to aim for real xD
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  3. I was hyped for TES Online but then after waiting for a while...

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