Amazon - Xbone most desired console of 2013

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3 years ago#1

Xbone -#1 and #4
Twerkstation 4 - #2 and #13.


User Info: AshleyGreene74

3 years ago#2
Reassurance topic #59874

User Info: Dcrenshaw04

3 years ago#3
What's there to discuss?
Gammer tag- Dcrenshaw04

User Info: RickGotti

3 years ago#4

I'm at a loss. I'd say this is the work of a 12 year old, but I don't want to offend 12 year olds
GamerTag: xMinorThreat

User Info: BraxSimeon

3 years ago#5
Silly TC, this info was only useful back when it was being used to cite the PS4's superior popularity.
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User Info: Jamez

3 years ago#6
HENTAIDOJI posted...

Xbone -#1 and #4
Twerkstation 4 - #2 and #13.


Worthless HENTAIDOJI topic #8297

User Info: il_capitano

3 years ago#7
The demand for Xbone is split into 2 bundles, PS4 has 3 and you conveniently didnt mention the third.

Also what is there to discuss when official numbers say that PS4 is crushing the Xbone? Amazon wishlist is more relevant than official sales?

I have 1 word for xbone fanboys these days, desperation.
Farewell MGO, the first love will never be forgotten. 06/12/12

User Info: ManInGorillaSut

3 years ago#8
$100 says Hentai dude will be no where in sight when NPD numbers come out this Thursday.

Any takers?
Give me Banana!
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User Info: crucial

3 years ago#10
No PS4 has no games,mine is a paper weight after plating Resogun it's a dust collector,Wii out sold PS3 and 360 so sales mean nothing TC and ponys a like.
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