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User Info: aszsith

4 years ago#11
Check out the Marketplace Fairness Act. It has all the info you need.
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User Info: DaShadowReborn

4 years ago#12
aszsith posted...
Sales tax is a state item, not a federal one, and is only required under certain conditions. I can't recall specifically, but I believe it has something to do with where the physical locations of the online retailer and/or their distribution houses are located.

Bottom line, currently not all online retailers are required to charge sales tax (but that is something that some states are trying to get changed).

Enjoy your savings!

Definately has to do with where the retailer is located and whether they have distribution centers in the state. Besides I'm pretty sure In A circumstance like this the retailer is obligated to collect the sales tax.

You don't purchase a car and say 'oh ill have to pay sales tax at the end of the year on this' they just collect it. But I'm not a tax guru so who knows
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User Info: -FryShakeWad-

4 years ago#13
So from what I have read... If the tax law is unclear in your state then you are not at fault. Or it will automatically show up on your fed or state tax form. I'm still a bit unsure but thanks for all the advice and resources guys :)

User Info: DaShadowReborn

4 years ago#14
Online purchases being taxed has become a huge deal these days so a big retailer is gonna be following the law or be in for some gigantic fines, don't stress over it your good.
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User Info: Sniper_Brosef

4 years ago#15
outcast1398 posted...
Sniper_Brosef posted...
-FryShakeWad- posted...
Weird. I will talk to my banker today. I was expecting tax but it came out to 0.00$.

Now I'm scared. They said it was shipped and I'm tracking it. If I get in some sort of trouble I will plead ignorance.

Ignorance doesn't usually work as a defense and you should definitely talk to someone other than a banker about tax related issues. For instance a tax specialist... Anyway, you're not going to get in trouble. This purchase would be reported on the taxes that you'll file next year. Assuming you live in the states, that is.

Before Amazon started collecting CA state tax I never reported my purchases on my tax returns, honestly because at the time (before all the rumors of them starting that practice heated up and I learned this) I did not know you were supposed to. That's also not saying I would have, as I probably would still have ignored that (due to laziness of going back through all my purchases and honestly the "savings"). This included a $2k tv I purchased. Nothing ever came up.

The right thing to do is what Sniper says, and he's right that ignorance is not usually a good defense, but you're probably ok if you don't.

I said that too ;-)

But yea, in the end, unless it's hundreds of thousands you'll probably be ok...
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