Should Microsoft and NSA gather information about Xbox One users or not?

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User Info: theshoveller

3 years ago#21
SinisterSamurai posted...
Included is a list of "Lawful Spying" reports from major cell carriers, as well as at least one "guide" to lawful spying. Also keep in mind that Voice Recognition software is super advanced, these days. Siri and Kinect aren't state-of-the-art.

Keep in mind that, regardless, speech recognition software won't be 100% accurate every single time, especially when dealing with a variety of things that the human body can do with its voice and conversations. Who here has ever needed to hear someone say something again? Show of hands.

Even a really advanced speech recognition software package would get easily confused if you just said "I don't think that would be a good idea. Gather more oranges for the conquest," and might misread it as "A donut thing woodbee a good eye dear. Gather more oranges fur thong quest." Remember - varying your topics quickly can throw them off, as well as using slang and using words that could easily cause misreadings in the software. Accents? Those can cause misreadings. Varying the pitch and speed of your voice? That, too.

Now, mind you, not every normal person is going to speak with flip-flopping British-French-Southern American accents while hopping between three different subjects, but something as simple as a Southerner talking a bit fast is enough to make a human say "Wait, what? I didn't understand you." And we have experience on our side.

There's this book - How to Survive the Robot Uprising - it's mainly a comedy book because I don't see it happening anytime soon, but it's one of those where the "stuff" in it is based on actual science, and a whole chapter is dedicated to speech recognition and how, in a theoretical situation, robots could "learn" our speech patterns, and how easy it is to throw them off by doing very simple (yet unexpected) things.
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User Info: Soar2344

3 years ago#22
khardbored posted...
I have no issue with it. If it actually helps them catch people that need to be caught, why not?
99.9% of us will never know if we have been monitored either. Nor will it have any adverse impact on our lives.

People champion their fight for privacy while walking around with a smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, cable TV etc etc. Echelon has been doing this for a very long time and will continue to do so.

You think it's right but for me I will continue to exercise my right to privacy.
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