Ryse is awful... but I do sure hope games look like this in the future

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  3. Ryse is awful... but I do sure hope games look like this in the future

User Info: BigSnappaX

3 years ago#61
DesperateMonkey posted...
Just beat Ryse and I must say, this is one of the worst action games I've played in a long time. Granted, I hate God of War and think its already too shallow for my tastes so you can imagine that Ryse really just sucks total ass for me. Its got like 4 attacks and you have them ever since the beginning and while you don't mindlessly spam those buttons, its basically as deep as when you start off in DMC4 with only swings, grabs and a basic combo. Actually, its about 300% more shallow since Dante actually begins with like 3x more moves than this guy even during the tutorial... As a fan of real action games like Viewtiful Joe, Bayonetta, DMC and Ninja Gaiden, Ryse would be a complete joke.

Strangely, the multiplayer was quite fun for a bit. Maybe this was in contrast to how bad the campaign was and completely pointless the story was.\

But I would be lying if I didn't say I was impressed by how the game looks. Its depiction of rome was quite beautiful it was quite impressive how the armor and environments looked. By far the best out of any of the launch games so far. I certainly don't want to see a sequel to Ryse but I do hope as the system becomes optimized and so on, developers will start making games look like ryse but with good gameplay. If DMC5 looks better than ryse (and it should right? Since its launching later) then I am super hyped.

Btw, this game was on my rental list. Finished it in 3 days and sending it back.

i have no idea which game you played... ryse id deff not as bad as you are claiming
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User Info: natevines

3 years ago#62
It's okay. Repetitive as all hell, but a little fun
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User Info: Ellesarien

3 years ago#63
I'm enjoying the heck out it. Yes, combat is simplistic but still fun when you are surrounded and in the combo zone. Wiping through 7-8 enemies without being hit is still a challenge and feels pretty awesome when you are able to pull off huge combos.

Alot of it feels epic as far as settings and visuals for sure and I absolutely love that period in history. To each their own I suppose.
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User Info: Nintendogenie00

3 years ago#64
Semp1 posted...
QTE came from........


Worst part of that game to be honest. I learn bunch of moves and I spend like 0 time using them only to have all my fighting turn into QTEs.

User Info: ImThe8thWonder

3 years ago#65
Mander1861 posted...
shootsmack posted...
Ryse is my favorite show this year.

I lold

Me too.

And for once, it seems I agree with Monkey.
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User Info: Mindwipe77

3 years ago#66
i dont get why everyone is attacking ryse for being repetitive or shallow combat etc where games like golden axe, streets of rage etc are hailed as classics. It might just be cause i LOVE hack-n-slash. I loved games in the genre like conan and viking that did the same combat over and over and play through multiple times, it may be cause i grew up on alot of snes hack n slash,beat em up type games too.
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User Info: SlimeSwayze

3 years ago#67
Both Ryse and Killzone make me a little nervous about the future of gaming. They are arguably the two best looking console games at the moment, but they are also the two most mediocre and least fun games I've played in years. I don't think great graphics and great gameplay need to be mutually exclusive, but that does appear to be the case with the next-gen launch titles.
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User Info: UltraPlanet

3 years ago#68
Worst game ever.

User Info: sickie09ismine

3 years ago#69
I'm not really sure if we played the same game, ryse, although 4 hours long, was fun IMO. I wouldn't pay 60 dollars for it, but when I see it drop to 19.99, I'll pick it up for sure.
Gamertag- Sickie09ismine
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  3. Ryse is awful... but I do sure hope games look like this in the future

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