Is my cable box compabitale?

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User Info: Jman1236

3 years ago#1
I use Wideopenwest cable and have a HD dvr cable box with HDMI and I'm wondering if the Xbox one's tv functions work with it since my remote is dead and have to use my wiiu gamepad to change channels on the box.

User Info: shads3055

3 years ago#2
not sure never heard of that company. go threw the setting and try it. sometimes naming the cablebox as the cable company when u get that promot helps. it worked for me I have cablevison. and my dvr box is a Samsung box by cablevision at first I named it Samsung and it didn't work when I named it cablevision it worked. just walk threw the system setting to set up cable boxes.

User Info: BigBOO2U

3 years ago#3

i would think no, it is not compabitale.

But then, what is?
Who knew that failing to put a "?" at the end of a sentence will bring down the wrath of the Mods on you for "Trolling" ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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