Why does it seem all trailers are live action?

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  3. Why does it seem all trailers are live action?

User Info: A_Hairy_Waffle

4 years ago#11
I think they just use those to get you hyped. Once you're hyped you'll go find some gameplay footage.

Unless there is no gameplay footage anywhere. That would be a HUGE red flag though.

User Info: RaRitsujun

4 years ago#12
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User Info: bgwilly255

4 years ago#13
Lerp85 posted...
userfrigginame posted...
Lerp85 posted...
Um, only game I know that uses live action is COD. What other games are using live action? Don't see many ads for games but still.

Killzone and Ryse at least.

Ok, so three only. And those are not the only advertisements for the games either, so whats the big deal TC?

I should have been more specific. My apologies. I was referring to ads on Television. I remember back in the PS2 days there were a lot of ads with actually footage/cutscenes. The main one that sticks out in my mind is GTA Vice City.

And no it isn't a "problem". It's just a casual question based off of recent observations.
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User Info: leathelj

4 years ago#14
its a advertising its supose to get you hype if you want game play takes seconds to search youtube. I don't have a problem with it.
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  3. Why does it seem all trailers are live action?

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