Couldn't get my brother to get an X1 over a PS4 /facepalm

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User Info: Red_Jester

3 years ago#1
So glad I got an Xbox One. Like a moron, my brother got a PS4. He says "better exclusives." (Which isn't the case now and probably never will be once you read below) He talks about how much more powerful and less restrictive the PS4 is, but I know it doesn't matter. Developers will design games around the Xbox One and then port them to PS4. I can't wait to laugh in his face a year or two from now and the continue doing so all generation.

I can't wait for Microsoft to begin refusing publishers licenses to release their games on the Xbox if they simultaneously release a superior version of that game on the PS4. I'm only confused why they haven't started doing that already this gen.

I also can't wait to see what scheme they come up with to maintain dominance over indies this generation. Last generation they forced indies to have a publishers and Microsoft was the only reasonable option for a studio that did 100% of the work on their own and didn't want to give their profits to someone else. That means they would be forced to stay exclusive to the Xbox and if they released on the PS3 first, Microsoft would refuse to publish their games. Microsoft HAS to find another way to keep that going to strongarm companies in order to continue keeping games away from the competition.

Also, I believe Microsoft will succeed with the casual/mainstream audience with the "All-in-One device" marketing. All the money that enormous market will bring in will allow Microsoft to simply buy exclusives to keep them away from the PS4. If it's as successful as I hope it is, they literally won't even have to spend money to develop first/second party games if they succeed here. They can just find a game in development that they like and simply pay the estimated amount of money PS4 sales would equal plus extra. Well, Microsoft will always make non-stop Halo and Forza sequels, so obviously they won't completely stop publishing games, which is great, too. I'm just not that big of a Halo guy.
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User Info: ThatLaoGuy

3 years ago#3
lol you must not be from around here or aren't informed.

The situation you described it the opposite and your brother is correct. Dang, man.

Xbone fanboys are weird little irrational creatures. It's fun making them contradict themselves.

User Info: RyuuHou25

3 years ago#4
Your brother must want to cause you physical harm quite a lot >.>
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User Info: TheSL1Club

3 years ago#5
Guess your brother is the smarter one.
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User Info: xHuckleberry

3 years ago#6
Speaking of facepalm.

User Info: tzuyd

3 years ago#7
Apex-Player posted...
Your brother made the correct decision
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User Info: Dcrenshaw04

3 years ago#8
Is this a ps4 board?
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User Info: s2good

3 years ago#9
Damn your brother knows his stuff TC.
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User Info: Abyss89

3 years ago#10
Stopped reading at games being designed around Xbox and ported to ps4.
Made me lol at least there is hope for your family because your brother has brain cells.
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