lol, todays daily poll

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User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

3 years ago#21
"win the war"

Apparently this is a battle where one side wins and the other loses. I don't know about their internal finances but based on sales I think all sides are winning handedly.
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User Info: NateRose89

3 years ago#22
Marqmax posted...
NateRose89 posted...
Marqmax posted...
OZ_Archangel posted...
Its Sonys fault really, if it is their fault (maybe not). They couldnt keep up with demand, everyone knows that the ps4 sold out early and are very hard to find, they are shipping out some more this week I believe? I believe that both MS and Sony would be producing similar number of units out of their factories, I doubt one has more companies than the other to ship out more consoles.So I reckon if Sony had more factories to ship the units out then MS might be well behind, I think alot of gamers/parents during black friday just didnt want to wait or because they couldnt find ps4s just got the xbox as it was good enough. They wouldnt really know about exclusives etc.

Who spends 5 bills on something because they couldn't find the other competing product? You're going to pay extra for something you didn't really want because it's "good enough"? Wut?

Almost every parent buying one for their kids.

Are you a parent? I hope not...

I am. But I'm a gamer. I meant your regular joe parent.
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