Surround sound headset question (TB XP500)

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User Info: Cal873

3 years ago#1
For a while I have been having my Turtle Beach XP 500 receiver plugged directly into my 360 via the optical port.

Having purchased an Xbox One i wanted to try out my headset with it as well. On my plasmi hd tv there is an optical port on the back which if i plug my TB receiver into, i can get game sounds from both my 360 and One without switching up wires.

As for my question, does this cause any decrease in audio quality? Switching wires is a pain in the ass in my entertainment cabinet so id rather not start unplugging wires to test it out. It seems like there would be some lag since the audio is going from the One>TV via HDMI and then from the TV> TB receiver via optical.
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User Info: jayoheazy

3 years ago#2
I doubt that the average person could detect a difference if there were any. Of course direct connect would probably be optimal, but I also agree with the hassle not being worth it. I have my TB's connected this way and it's great for watching movies late night and/or switching to PS4

User Info: sp1d3r82

3 years ago#3
Yes, plugging you TB headset into you t.v. will allow you to use it for both consoles. There is a difference in how it sounds, but that is because the xbox one doesn't enable surround sound yet, they said it'll be implemented in a patch later. Where as the 360 has surround sound. However, I have not noticed a difference that really affected the gameplay. So try it and enjoy!
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