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User Info: traskman

3 years ago#1
So my brother bought himself an Xbox for Christmas and it arrived tonight. He purchased a Gold account, but when setting up he accidentally entered his wanted gamertag as his first name and so kinect will not recognize him by his name. How can he change that?

Also, I want to sign into my account with him there. I say, "Xbox, sign in as Josh" and it always asks me if this is the right person (which it seems like it is not by default), and I say, "Person 2", and select it. Most of the time the Home does not change. I will be signed in and then after my brother signing in it says hello to him but stays on my page. Randomly it will sync to my or his profile correctly. Is connect just that bad at voice recognition right now or am I doing something wrong? Also, if my brother has his account's YouTube to his account, how can I sign into my YouTube on my account without it overlapping accounts?

One last question: I made my account and my brother made his with a Gold account. Will I be able to use my account and get achievements on XBL or do I have to buy Gold as well? Sorry for sounding ignorant about the system, we don't have any games and have been installing things and learning the system some, voice commands as we can figure them out and all. I didn't think I would like the system as much as I do, but I am having some frustrations figuring the dang thing out.

My tag is SepticSally and my brother's is KneadDaBread for heads up in the future! Thank you in advance for all of your help.
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User Info: krystyla

3 years ago#2
1 IGN made a video on how to change your sign in name. It was called something with badass

2 I dunno

3 There is a section in settings saying family I believe you have to do something there to share gold

Theres also an IGN video quickly covering most, 50 different, voice commands
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