they should re make more fighting games like KI.

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  3. they should re make more fighting games like KI.

User Info: Dcrenshaw04

3 years ago#11
crucial posted...
I want for next gen

2.Dark Stalkers
3.Super Street Fighter Alpha
4.Bloody Roar
5.SC 6
6.Tekken X Street Fighter
7.Primal Rage
8.Clay Fighters
9.Power Stone
10.Battle Arena Toshidan

Power Stone!!! God I loved that game.
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User Info: DojoMax

3 years ago#12
Wow I see a list of bad fighting games
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User Info: Bestia_Somnia

3 years ago#13
Most new fighting games already get cannibalised by all the other ones already on the market. And even ones that succeed in sales struggle to maintain even a single year of relevance. The problem is that most gamers tend to only play 2 at a time because they can be so overwhelming to learn. It's a questionably niche audience because the average gamer doesn't have the necessary level of determination and dedication. We already have KI, USFIV, TxSF & GG Xrd. There's even rumour of a VF6 on the horizon.

As much as I'd love for a new Bloody Roar, I just don't think it would do well enough to justify the necessary continued support after launch and I hate to see good fighting games go unnoticed and underappreciated.

Maybe several years from now when the FGC is hungry for a new fighting game, but at the moment the nostalgia should just remain purely nostalgia.

User Info: Bassna

3 years ago#14
This game is way better then I expected. But.....MK 10 is what I really want.
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User Info: knightimex

3 years ago#15
Marqmax posted...
Wow I see a list of fighting games I'm bad at

I spanked you as a baby, I'll spank you now. B****!
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User Info: Riverraider98

3 years ago#16
Tao Feng: enter the fist for the xbox best 3d fighting game I've played
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User Info: GotTruth

3 years ago#17
We need a new TOBAL!
You know they call it main-stream? Its because a stream is shallow.
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User Info: CKnight

3 years ago#18
BDJayce posted...
Fighting games were enjoyable back in the day... then they got a little boring with better graphics...

Now I can't even bring myself to play them because they bore my socks clean off..

You left out that fighting games today are deeper and more alienating. And with the explosion of online play your exposed to arcade style competition where players exploit every inch of the game. And the people who are "bored" with fighting games claim everything as cheap or not as good as the older shallower versions.

User Info: xmonkeyofevil

3 years ago#19
BigLongDowner posted...
I want another Eternal Champions!

THIS! Damn sega for canning this series in favor of Virtua Fighter.

User Info: Joey2cool

3 years ago#20
See my sig.
Not changing this sig until a new Bloody Roar is announced! - Started: 10/29/2012
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