they should re make more fighting games like KI.

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  3. they should re make more fighting games like KI.

User Info: EmbersOfElder

3 years ago#41
I would personally love to see another Clay Fighter or Primal Rage but I don't want one if it's just another mess like Killer Instinct was. I feel like KI was an uninspired cash grab with soo much cut content that it hardly deserves the title of Killer Instinct.
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User Info: Cowboy082288

3 years ago#42
Shadow_Zujed posted...
Quote:So... more fighters where button mashing is viable? Honestly I would rather keep those kind of fighters at a bare minimum, speaking as a competitive fighting game player, but I can see where you're coming from, not being a fighting game player.

Speaking as a competitive fighting game player? Apparently not if you think button mashing works in KI. That was the most ignorant thing I have read all day. And I'm on the GameFAQs Xbone board.

Yeah.... people saying they are part of the FGC is a really loose thing. There are plenty of tournaments were the only thing needed to compete is to pay 10 dollars and bam your in. And then there are free tournaments as well, especially of the online variety.

The fact that at NEC justin wong won and the people that made it to final 8 were known names shows that the game takes skill. Hence why known players were advancing and the many unknowns got eliminated in the early pools.
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  3. they should re make more fighting games like KI.

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