Just purchased, hooked it up and it already doesn't work!!!

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User Info: Bestia_Somnia

3 years ago#51
jpraelster posted...
RJrockstar posted...
Buy a PS4. Problem solved

Yes but now there is a new problem no games to play

XB1 has games!? Who're you trying to fool? lol

User Info: Pixx0

3 years ago#52
AzaneAzer posted...
Has to be a troll, every single xboxone ever made works perfectly.

Of course! Who can believe MS just launched a new console with so many hardware failures?
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User Info: BushidoEffect3

3 years ago#53
RJrockstar posted...
Buy a PS4. Problem solved
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User Info: redhawt

3 years ago#54
If you tried the router thing (unplug wait 15 secs and plug back in) and that didn't fix it,all you can really do to see if its just overload from other people is just wait until now ish to try,

If neither work (hard to say if the waiting will work cause all those people who just bought after a long wait may game all weekend long tbh) then all you can do is try to return to the store and hope they have more consoles left tbh and if they do hope they allow you to swap

I know how you are feeling tho my x1 took 10 or so router resets to hard resets to get it to update but that was on na launch day so a hard time was expected
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User Info: 2ndAtomisk

3 years ago#56
For future reference TC, formatting a flash drive is incredibly simple (and they're quite cheap if you decide to buy one. Like $8 and up). All you have to do is plug it into your computer's USB port, right click it and select 'Format'.
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User Info: Reece504

3 years ago#57
NeoMonk posted...
RJrockstar posted...
Buy a PS4. Problem solved


Hooks it up makes topic hdmi port doesn't work can't get picture.
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User Info: RJrockstar

3 years ago#58
john11ver44 posted...
RJrockstar posted...
Buy a PS4. Problem solved

I bet you have been waiting for weeks to pop that little comment in there. Rubbing your hands together. I guess your PS4 must be absolute junk, if you spend all of your time on the xbox one message board. Get a life, little rat.

I'm not a rat. I'm a fly. Rats dont rub their hands together.

Also I dont have a PS4, but that has been having less issues than this from what I seen, even a little.

If you have a PS4, play that while Microsoft gets their s*** together. Serious post. General rule is that you shouldnt buy things 1st month of release, that way you can judge which one is better and if there are any breaking issues such as this one.
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User Info: rludeman44

3 years ago#59
I_VTEC_Power_I posted...
Why do people with technical issues post on GameFAQs for advice oppose to contacting support.


Bc tech support had a 2+ hour hold time...sigh. The real question is, why do people with no lives or anything to do besides this, make worthless posts like that?
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  3. Just purchased, hooked it up and it already doesn't work!!!

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