Why did you Buy a Xbox ?

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User Info: Reflex-Arc

3 years ago#11
BruceLee1974 posted...
aszsith posted...
As someone who has owned the Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft consoles in Gen6 and Gen7 and plans to get a PS4 down the road, the factor I used was which console had more games at launch that I wanted.

The PS4 had no exclusives at launch I was interested in. The XBOne had DR3. The rest of the games I wanted were multi-plat, so those were available on both. On the basis of sheer math 1 is more than 0, so I gave the XBOne the initial edge.

Once the PS4 has some exclusives come out that I want, I'll grab one.

I know what your trying to say, but isn't it better to choose the console that has the best games overall ? Normally if your referring to exclusives, Sony normally has the better exclusives overall. MS has always given good games the first half of the consoles life and then relies on 3rd party games.

So because of the power difference, cheaper price and (probably better games overall) it seemed like a no brainer to chose my first PS console since the PS1.

That's why I am asking this question

The problem with this viewpoint, as apt as it may be, is that it's based purely on speculation and the funny thing with speculation is that it could go either way.

Do you take the gamble or do you take the safe bet? I took the safe bet and resigned myself to the fact that both consoles are going to have amazing libraries of fun to play games over the course of their production runs. Does that mean you have to buy both at once? No. Only if you're a consumer whore (like me). But to pick a "side" and stick with it is ridiculous and only serves to limit you as a gamer.
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User Info: lnfested_Zombie

3 years ago#12
Launch titles & its exclusives.

especially K.I, Titanfall, DR3 and the new Halo
Ryse is also one of the reasons I got an X1, since I love "Wars from rome,gladiators" etc..

I was supposed to get a PS4(Already pre-ordered for the 2nd shipment at that time) but after Microsoft announced that FFXV & KHIII will also be available on X1 then I cancelled my preorder and got my X1 instead.

I also realized that the only exclusive I'm interested in for PS4 is Killzone:SF.
Aside from that.. nothing else (Im not gonna even bother Infamous,Uncharted & etc)

Plus I prefer X1 overall since I was already used to 360's features,controller and everything else.
Thats why the last Sony console I had is PS2..
(Well I got the PS Vita though)
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User Info: Merc123

3 years ago#13
Well i do have a PS4 and i was originally planning on only getting a PS4 since it appealed more to me since 90 percent of games i play are multiplatform and it was cheaper.

I caved and bought and XB1 on Black Friday because i wanted to play Dead Rising 3 with friends and i wanted to keep in touch with my friends playing XB1.

I am loving both systems so far.
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User Info: reaper329

3 years ago#14
My gamertag has a lot of stuff complete on it, and most of my friends are staying with MS this gen. That tipped my hand. I would, eventually, like to get a PS4, but that's a long time down the road (or depending on how bad school books screw me this time around), but I'm overall very happy with my X1.
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User Info: Millertime660

3 years ago#15
I do plan on getting a PS4 down the road. My choice to buy xbox came down to the UI, controller, and XBox Live. MS is very good at the software side of their console and they treated me prety well last gen with updates and features.

User Info: Chargrilled

3 years ago#16
forza 5.

yes, i bought the machine just for that and it was thoroughly worth it.

enjoying it immensely
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User Info: xacebop

3 years ago#17
Millertime660 posted...
I do plan on getting a PS4 down the road. My choice to buy xbox came down to the UI, controller, and XBox Live. MS is very good at the software side of their console and they treated me prety well last gen with updates and features.

Wait.. you like the UI?

If I was gonna get both consoles over time I would have got the x1 first because Dr3 and online coops are what I love about gaming. But in this economy I can't afford both so I got a ps4 due to the sheer number of games on the way

User Info: motoraptor

3 years ago#18
I plan on getting both, bought Xbox One first. It's my multimedia entertainment centre and it also serves as my multiplayer machine, none of my friends are invested in the Sony ecosystem at all. I'm going to pick up a PS4 just for the exclusives. I don't believe one or two games can be system sellers, I'll wait a couple of years for the exclusive library to develop/

User Info: XxAzraelxX

3 years ago#19
Five years ago my dad died, I had a PS2 (beat every game I had) and a Wii (got sick of the games) and I needed something new to escape and take my mind off of the situation I guess. I figured I'm just going to stick with the Xbox
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User Info: iSkadoosh

3 years ago#20
If anyone says anything other than brand loyalty, they are a liar. It is inferior to it's competition in almost every way.
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