Why did you Buy a Xbox ?

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User Info: quisdakid

3 years ago#51
Okay, here goes a list of what influenced my purchase:

1. Killer Instinct (I LOVE fighting games, couldn't pass it up even though I suck at them.)
2. The ability to upgrade my "Call of Duty Ghosts" for 360 to the Xbox One version for ten bucks. (Not a HUGE pushing factor, but ehh, it was nice.)
3. Only a small percentage of my friends have a PS4, and those who do, also have an Xbox One.
4. I've had my gamertag since Dec. '06 and it now has sentimental value to my gaming side. Don't judge me, lmao.
5. No games appeal to me on PS4 aside from Killzone.......yet. (Final Fantasy 15....'nuff said.)
6. Last, I had to invest in a system so whenever Gears and Halo drops, I'll be prepared.

Anywho, the PS4 is DEFINITELY a nice system, no doubt. With Killzone, FF15, AND the possibilty of Guilty Gear Xrd being an exclusive to PS4, I may still have to purchase one. But for right now, the Xbox just suits me best.
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User Info: krystyla

3 years ago#52
FFXV KH3 are not exclusive
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User Info: BruceLee1974

3 years ago#53
0PTICS posted...
I planned on getting both later. PS4 first, but as the release days got closer, DR3 made me cave in and get the X1 earlier than planned.

I heard DR3 doesn't look much better then DR2 on the 360 except for a lot more zombies on screen, True ?

User Info: TheCyborgNinja

3 years ago#54
Thousands of people seem to wonder this here...

Honestly, because it had more exclusive launch games worth playing than just Resogun.
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User Info: mrpic

3 years ago#55
hope for the future
trust microsoft from previous gens not to screw me on good games
i hate playstation because they destroyed SEGA
nintendo is trying to be a competitor graphically so is too expensive atm for 2nd console for me

User Info: Curbdog51

3 years ago#56
I weighed my options against the competition and simply wanted to be where it's at!
GT : Curbdog
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