Xbox sneaks a small jab at Sony in latest Xbox One trailer.

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User Info: BushidoEffect3

3 years ago#91
aya469 posted...
nickr2d2 posted...
aya469 posted...
Think I'm a fanboy?


Keep telling yourself that buddy when anyone has a differing opinion than you. Fact of the matter is I've played 3 times as many games on my 360 than I did on my ps3 and also bought the 360 at launch and didn't pick up a PS3 until it had been out for a year and a half. Sorry that the truth hurts.

cool story aya brea.
Ooooouuoooo hooohuhh!,

User Info: NeoAnduril

3 years ago#92
chrish909 posted...
This becomes a troll topic in 3 2 1

Guys you cant say anything negative about xb1 without the fanboy squad coming by the busload

Couldn't agree more.

User Info: OmgitsMario

3 years ago#93
CapwnD posted...
So basically Sony fans are once again saying "Just wait"

Wow. I swear it's just like last gen "this will finally be the year of the PS3 YOU JUST WAIT!"

You realize that for like the past 5 years it's been the year of the PS3, right? Lol
The blue moon has risen!

User Info: Heathenutopia

3 years ago#94
This board is full of posers pretending to be gamers.

Pretty sad.
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User Info: archibald3

3 years ago#95
NeoAnduril posted...
chrish909 posted...
This becomes a troll topic in 3 2 1

Guys you cant say anything negative about xb1 without the fanboy squad coming by the busload

Couldn't agree more.

You know this is the oldest tiredest excuse on here and to believe it you really have to either be one of these trolls or have your head buried deeply in the sand.

This board has been inundated since launch with Sony trolls/fanboys and general haters posting relentlessly and obsessively every negative thing they can dredge up on the internet to attack the Xbox One. Trolling anything that remotely resembles a positive post or a simple question from a new user in topic after topic , arguing the smallest of points for pages and pages ,bumping old negative topics, and posting all the positive they can get away with about the ps4 without getting modded.

This whole tactic of turning it back around on Xbox fans - who are on an Xbox board - is ludicrous at this point. Its circular reasoning and its complete bs. Fans and owners of the X1 have every right to start getting fed up, and they also have every right to go on the offensive when the stomping ground is the Xbox One board..

The other reality which this reasoning completely ignores is when an obvious troll who`s been attacking/trolling/posting for weeks on this board starts to be attacked in THEIR every post - all of a sudden they`re the victim and are supposed to have a clean slate every time they post ? No way man - boy who cried wolf syndrome times 10...

User Info: SteelTooth

3 years ago#96
knightimex posted...

Ms jabs Sony
-1 dmg

MS casts scan

lvl 99
HP 9998/9999
No weak points
1985 clock

MS: Yea! Sony is almost dea......

Sony attacks Ms

-8000 dmg x5

Ms fainted


My mistake, I thought we were talking the actual corporations. Check the financials, Sony reported a net loss yet again this quarter thanks to poor electronics sales and the film division writing down flops, while MS still soars through the stratosphere with cash.
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User Info: gogogodzilla

3 years ago#97
1GATORFAN posted...
Remember in the old days when NES and SEGA didn't take little sneak jabs but took full on hay maker swings in plain site lol

My Chicken says, "Cluck!"

User Info: Sin_Angelus_

3 years ago#98
aya469 posted...
Wait, so if I have a PS3 and an Xbox360, WTF does a game appearing on a PSP or VIta discredit it?

Because you're saying some 360 games don't count since they're on PC too, and I'm saying by that logic, some PS3 games don't count because they're on PSP and Vita.

aya469 posted...
HOWEVER some of those games published by Microsoft are PC ONLY.

I doubt it. Maybe 1 or 2 per year at most.

aya469 posted...
fail harder bro

If we're going to have an intelligent conversation here, don't embarrass yourself with comments like this.

aya469 posted...
Including PC Only games in a discussion about which console has better/more exclusives is pretty stupid.

More insults I see, because you apparently lack the ability to debate properly. I honestly expected better. Anyway, I can't think of any MS published games that would be PC only, so what are you even talking about? Maybe the Flight Simulator and a couple RTS games but VERY few. You sound like you're grasping at straws.

aya469 posted...
If you really want to go that route though, I guess we can remove Gears and Halo from the 360's paltry stable of exclusives since they've appeared on the PC.

Fine with me, because PS3 wouldn't have any exclusives either, since pretty much anything good also came out on PSP and Vita. That's exactly why I'm saying it's stupid argument. We should look at the quality of games each system offers regardless of what appears on PC or handhelds. Not everyone has a gaming quality PC, in the same way that not everyone has a PSP/Vita, so to disqualify a games because it appears on those systems is silly. It came down to this: If you have a gaming PC and want a console that will have more "exclusives" (that might also appear on Sony handhelds), get a PS3. If you have a Sony handeheld and/or don't have a gaming PC, get a 360, since that had the better games overall.

User Info: -Zelmor-

3 years ago#99
XD at this topic, a few xbox fanboys and their blatant alts defending their pathetic xbox one again.
Man is not the creature of circumstances. Circumstances are the creatures of man.

User Info: Manservice

3 years ago#100
kuter posted...
yeah....coming from a console that best selling is a multiplatform...AKA

It's the best-selling game on both consoles, you simpleton.
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