Coolest looking console.

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User Info: Shadow_Zujed

3 years ago#31
Platinum GameCube. All day every day.
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User Info: wirymo123

3 years ago#32
Gamecube was just so different and cool when it came out.
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User Info: Ashuri

3 years ago#33
My PS3 > everything

User Info: JohnWall32

3 years ago#34
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User Info: xacebop

3 years ago#35
The matte ps4. I wish they were available publicly

User Info: Cashew

3 years ago#36

Dat wood grain yall
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User Info: adampeltz

3 years ago#37
Gamecube + GB Player + GCN Controller in all sorts of colors is the standard in how cool a console could look in my opinion.

That being said, I'm going with Famicom + FDS:

Gorgeous to my eyes.
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User Info: EternalNether

3 years ago#38
I actually think the PS4 is the best, most stylish console released because it tries to be more than just a big rectangular slab. I love the angular design of it.
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User Info: InfiniteHERO

3 years ago#39
My Favorite Xbox design was the S model 360
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