Next Halo, Titanfall or Destiny?

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User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#1
Next Halo, Titanfall or Destiny? - Results (453 votes)
21.19% (96 votes)
28.92% (131 votes)
49.89% (226 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Which one are you more excited for guys and girls?
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User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#2
GT: DyingRoman
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User Info: BryanPS360

3 years ago#3
Destiny. Followed by Titanfall.

I feel nothing for Halo 5 as I have yet to see gameplay of it. Even then, I won't feel excitement until I see that they learned from their mistakes in Halo 4.
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User Info: sworder

3 years ago#4
Titanfall is losing to Halo: COD edition and Destiny: Boderlands 2.0

gamers always liking the same generic stuff and then they complain about the lack of new IPs

User Info: Mr_arizona

3 years ago#5
I'm actually gonna say Halo. I know it's no longer the big name in shooters but most of my fun with online gaming has come from Halo. COD, Gears, or really any other shooter doesn't compare to the fun and holy s*** moments I get from Halo.

User Info: BloodyDove2vs

3 years ago#6
Destiny by a mile.
Let it stands! Pc vs Ps4

User Info: InjusticeReborn

3 years ago#7
BryanPS360 posted...
Destiny. Followed by Titanfall.


Was never a fan of Halo.

User Info: jtripttu12

3 years ago#8
Destiny is all I really care about. The only next gen game I'm really pumped for, other than elder scrolls online. Once halo 5 details come out, I might get excited. As far as Titanfall, I have zero interest at this point lol. Doesn't really appeal to me.

User Info: yanksfan4247

3 years ago#9
Titanfall then Destiny, then Halo 5.
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User Info: bessy67

3 years ago#10
Titanfall then Halo then Destiny. I just don't see what everyone else loves about Destiny. It looks like Borderlands without all the humor that made Borderlands great.
"Immigrants. That's all they do, you know. Just driving around, listening to raps, shooting all the jobs." - Malory Archer
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