Honestly....who's got both and which do you prefer?

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User Info: Tha_One

3 years ago#21
gohoanq posted...
I had the PS4 from launch and got the Xbox just under a week ago.. I'd say right now aside from things like the friends being a total after thought on the Xbox, I prefer it more.. just feels like a more complete experience when compared to the PS4. I understand though that both will grow and get better with time which is what I'm waiting for to 100% declare that I like one over the other lol

This. It's kind of hard for me to make a decision right now.
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User Info: Sycotic

3 years ago#22
Thanks everyone for your opinions. I think I have decided to keep my X1 and either sale the PS4 on ebay or return it. Looking at the sold ones this morning, I'll most likely return it, I don't think it will be worth all the fees and dealing with the post office this late in December and only having an extra $60 to show for it and then my luck have the buyer compain or something.
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User Info: ironpanthr

3 years ago#23
I have both and prefer my PS4 but honestly that impression is probably skewed for 2 reasons. First is I had no intentions of buying an Xbox originally so most of my next-gen games are on PS4 and I only have Dead Rising 3 on Xbox. Second, I have a Vita and I end up using remote play a fair amount (wife and 2 kids), which means I'll probably continue to by most multiplatform games on PS4 to take advantage of that feature.

All that said, I think Dead Rising 3 is the best of the console exclusives I picked up, and I'm generally more excited about the Xbox's announced exclusives, so absent remote play I'd probably lean Xbox.
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