Ryse is it worth buying?

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User Info: manny13840

3 years ago#1
Is Ryse worth getting? Seen it has mixed reviews, but seen gameplay footage and it looks nice and same style as Batman Arkham City

User Info: Excal1bur

3 years ago#2
Its worth playing, however I personally do not think its worth $60, If you plan on buying beating and trading it in before the value goes to far down I would say pick it up.

User Info: GamepocketX

3 years ago#3
get dead rising 3, you wont regret it

User Info: squarex8264

3 years ago#4
Combat is extremely similar to Batman. The only thing I wish it had was an ability to counter more than one attacking enemy at a time. Currently if that happens, you need to either quickly attack one and block the other, or just evade since you are unable to block both.

The game is pretty fun, and I finished my first playthrough recently. It feels like an action movie. It's very linear, and I feel that the content matches the length quite well since there really isn't any unnecessary padding. If they tried to prolong the experience by another 5 hours or so, I probably would have gotten bored with the repetitiveness.

But even though the combat can be a bit repetitive, the game kept pulling me in to play. And even though it should be equally repetitive, I really enjoy the multiplayer arena. I've played several matches with stranges, friends, and solo, slowly leveling my gladiator and pulling of monster combos. I'm about level 63 now, and it has gotten much better with some additional gear. Graphics and animation are the best yet of any X1 game, no denying that.

Overall, it's definitely worth playing, but can be a bit short if you're not into replaying the campaign or sticking around with the multiplayer mode. If you enjoy the Batman combat, I think you would enjoy it, but consider whether you want to spend the money now or wait for a price drop. DR3 and AC4 beat Ryse in amount of content hands down.
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User Info: IRuleTheSchool

3 years ago#5
People who say the combat is similar to Batman could not have ever played Batman.
it's more similar to Assassin's Creed than anything. Very limited. Fun for a little bit, but gets boring fast.
If you have no interest in Multiplayer, the game can be finished in 5-6 hours too....so 60 bucks is steep

User Info: PSP_H0mebrew

3 years ago#6
Its a graphical tech demo for the xbox one.

If you decide that its worth your money, thats your call.

After renting it the most I would pay for it is maybe 10 dollars.
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