Anyone just kinda burnt out on gaming now?

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User Info: Cowboy082288

3 years ago#21
A_Hairy_Waffle posted...
Yep. Not really excited about either console. I haven't even turned on my 360 since September.

Nowadays thinking about playing video games is more fun than actually playing them.

I just think this comes with getting older. I used to like every new hit song, every new hit movie but not so much anymore. Just got to figure out what it is that you really enjoy in these different forms of entertainment. Then go out and find it.

I really care more about a dev team creating a game now than I do what platform it is on. So if a game catches my attention I'll find out who is behind it and things like that. I don't really care if it is a PC, PS4, or X1 game or whatever.

I think that is the best way to approach it. Sure that usually means not playing as many games but I think you end up enjoying the ones you do play a lot more.
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User Info: Dcrenshaw04

3 years ago#22
My xbox one is getting more playing time than I ever thought it would. Dead rising alone keeps me busy whenever I get time to game. I beat ryse and Peggle 2 is very addicting. Still have assassins creed sitting waiting to be played. So no I am far from burnt out.
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