IDK whether to be a sony or a microsoft fanboy this generation

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User Info: xKitsunex

3 years ago#21
A_Hairy_Waffle posted...
xKitsunex posted...
natevines posted...
I can't decide if I'm gay or straight this gen

youre straight, because i said so. now go to your room.

Don't listen to him. You're gay. Now go to my room.

youre both gay, now come to my room.

User Info: terrancejones

3 years ago#22
This is the part where George Takei goes Ohhh My.
Every console has a game worth playing to me, like for example, the Xbox 360 has Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.

User Info: ElJorge007

3 years ago#23
The entire point of owning both is so we can laugh at the fanboys and provide an unbiased view of each system.
PSN/XBL gamertag: JorgeVercetti

User Info: RebelGameMaster

3 years ago#24
IloveElite posted...
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

Absolutely NO REASON for this to have been modded. Remember this next time you guys want to accuse the mods of being solely Pro Sony.

On topic: TC, don't be a fanboy at all. I went from PS1 to PS2 to Xbox to Xbox360. Would've gone PS3 but it was too expensive, hard to find, and I heard that it had problems or something. Then in 2010 I found out about Demon's Souls, and that the PS3 was free to play online. So I jumped ship to the PS3. This gen it seems that the PS4 is the only way to go. I mean, I regret not being involved in the whole console war last gen because I was not well informed. Probably wouldnt have changed my decision as I was all about Masterchief back then. But let me assure you that this gen, PS4 is your best bet.

Also, on this board you WILL be a fanboy. Whether you like it or not you will be labeled one.
"I hated this game, the controls were awful," isn't trolling... But you'll probably still get modded.

User Info: LifeOfSyn

3 years ago#25
whitelytning posted...
Or you could just enjoy whatever games/console you like and not act like a spoiled 11 year old.
If you dislike DmC (Reboot), we have nothing to discuss.
Currently playing: Hotline Miami (PS3), Mario Kart (Wii)
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  3. IDK whether to be a sony or a microsoft fanboy this generation

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