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User Info: Twiznoy

3 years ago#1
This might be irrelevant or old, or obvious to some people. But it might help someone out. If you don't want to put your Kinect under your TV or buy a specific stand to mount it on top, you can use any ole tripod, because Kinect 2 has the same mounting hole.

I had put a little shelf on the wall behind my TV for the original Kinect which was pretty nice, but the new Kinect is too big, especially with the cord sticking out the back. So I had to put it under my TV, and it doesn't work for any game where you stand and use kinect.

So I already had an old cheap tripod I wasn't using anymore, or you could buy one cheaper than an actually mount (used even) or your family member probably has one. And I put it behind the TV, two legs long, one short to sit on the TV Stand(entertainment center) and made the height a few inches higher than the TV, and screwed the Kinect on. Works well!
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User Info: Juzten76

3 years ago#2
Great idea!

User Info: BlakStoneFace

3 years ago#3
EXCELLENT IDEA!! I never even thought of it cause I was too busy saying XBOX ON !!!
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