EA being sued. How will this affect TitanFall?

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User Info: krystyla

3 years ago#81
HiddenRoar posted...
Rome218 posted...

EA is an entertainment company. Unlike banks and insurances, they are not the direct downfall of people dying or losing their homes.

Forces AAA to become industry standard, puts semi-developers out of a job due to budgets going to HD.

Cowboy082288 posted...
So has anyone in this thread read what EA is actually being sued over yet? Or is everyone still assuming they are being sued over releasing a buggy game?

What makes you think they won't do the exact same thing about Titanfall? Especially since it'll be out before this case settles?

They are sued because many executives sold shares immediately before launch
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3 years ago#82
I got a check for like 220 dollars from the Madden settlement, it was a seperate issue, but result will likely be the same, refunds-ish.
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User Info: Hierarchy225

3 years ago#83
Darklit_Shade posted...
They may then become scared to release games due to fear of lawsuits and drop out of the game development business completely

...and this is bad because...?

We just need Activision and Capcom to follow them and gaming will be saved

This is bad cus I wanna play DA:I, and Titanfall on PC next year damnit!
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User Info: HiddenRoar

3 years ago#84
krystyla posted...

They are sued because many executives sold shares immediately before launch

And they won't do the same (hype it for Microsoft/Xbox investors, sell before launch, etc.) for Titanfall because?

User Info: singhellotaku

3 years ago#85
anybody with any understanding of the legal process knows this lawsuit isn't going anywhere

User Info: Cactuar512

3 years ago#86
BIackWind posted...
scoobydoobydont posted...
I hope they keep getting sued. Worst company in America.

And here we have the typical xbot. EA is the worst company in America. Never mind the kind and brilliant Bank of America that didn't forclose on thousands, if not millions of houses just for fun.

Games are serious business.
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