How Microsoft Can Unlock The Full Potential Of Xbox One Achievements

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4 years ago#11
Sorbetowulf posted...
The problem I've already found is that at least one of the games, I can't remember whether it was Ryse, Forza, or Dead Rising 3, as those were the three I played at launch, one of them had an Achievement specifically built in that could only be unlocked in a given time frame. I really want to say it was an achievement for killing a certain number of things.

This absolutely sucks for people that get their consoles for Christmas, or later, because time-sensitive achievements really hinder future gamers.

Not all people are completionists by any stretch, but especially with a non-competitive game like Ryse or Dead Rising, 100%ing achievements is absolutely possible.

I like these trophy ideas though. It's a neat sort of challenge that one can either ignore or not.

These aren't permanent achievements, they're weekly challenges kind of like the things from Halo: Reach and Halo 4, where certain games get challenges. It would be pretty cool to get Dark Souls 2 and get a bonus weapon or armor for killing a certain amount of enemies. I'm all for this idea.
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User Info: TheGam3925

4 years ago#12
An achievement for paying for all the Forza 5 microtransactions would be cool.
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User Info: InjusticeReborn

4 years ago#13
Lerp85 posted...
InjusticeReborn posted...
I didn't click the links, but from what I can gather, these are just like... something similar to the Rewards thing back on the 360, but instead of unlocking things like gamerpic's or avatar clothing items, they can be in-game items also?

A nice little bonus I suppose.

As a grumpy negative gamer however, I can easily see a warped ideal that would abuse this to possibly 'lock' content out of a game to fill this feature. But I'll keep those thoughts inside my head, and really only complain if it comes to. :P

LOL, says he won't talk about something while talking about said thing. Nice one there.

Lol, I thought that might nip me back, but what I meant was, I could have gone into detail (I originally did, but removed it) in how I think things may be locked behind this, but I didn't. :P

To the other guy - don't get me started on DLC!

Nah... been pretty supportive of it actually. Still unsure of what I think of day one DLC (Exiled Prince for DA2 comes to mind), but everything else is spot on I reckon. Always up for something that normally brings extra life into a game I enjoy.

My thoughts were just of something similar to when I heard ME3's multiplayer would feature micro-transactions. I enjoyed the demo, but after said news, being the grumpy gamer I am, thought to myself "I wonder what they'd put behind them", but my grumpiness was shut up with that gem of an experience when it released.

So much so, I ended up playing ME3's MP from release up until the 'edited ending' update rolled out. :D

User Info: MrSpaM111

4 years ago#14
Not sure how unlocking an in game item is the future?

We've been doing this for years already haven't we?!?
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User Info: BadLuckInc

4 years ago#15
MrSpaM111 posted...
Not sure how unlocking an in game item is the future?

We've been doing this for years already haven't we?!?

It's the fact that besides gaining achievements like normal, you can also opt in to try to take on different challenges, and some of them (not all of them) will reward you with different things.

I love this idea, and I love achievements, so this goes hand in hand with me. It's up to the individual to go for the challenges or not. If you miss it, it's not a big deal as it doesn't add to your total gamer score. Like achievements, challenges give you just something else to accomplish in your game.

Bring on more CHALLENGES!
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User Info: InjusticeReborn

4 years ago#16
Yeah, I have liked the idea of challenges since they revealed them.

Again, bringing up ME3's MP - the community challenges they had going were great. No matter what game I was playing, I'd always make sure to pop on during the weekend to get a piece of the ME3 MP action, and hope to get a reward the following week.

If this is similar to that, and it can continue to be supported by more and more games, giving gamers a little something for their 'efforts', it could only be a good thing.

User Info: A_Hairy_Waffle

4 years ago#17
As long as there are no "Do this in X amount of time for ungodly weapon Y" that cannot be unlocked if you miss the timeframe, I'm all for it.
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