Getting it delivered tomorrow - What games to pick up?

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User Info: DarthTophat

3 years ago#1
My Xbox One is due for delivery tomorrow. I break up for the Holidays at 11 am, and don't return until January 6th, so i've got just over 2 weeks to play a lot.

I had anticipated working through my xbox 360/ps3/steam backlog, along with playing some Pokemon X and trying to finish ZombiU. (Big backlog)

I saw a day on edition for sale, so crumbled and bought (I sold the one I pre -ordered on release date for a profit)

I've got the Forza day one edition, and have also ordered Ryse. I plan to pick up Killer Instinct (Not sure which price point to get though)

I don't enjoy Battlefield, so im not interested in BF4. I loved the original COD Blops, but haven't enjoyed the other games in the series as much, although i do enjoy COD somewhat. I don't know anything about Ghosts, and as BF4 and COD GHOSTS are the only 2 FPS games for the Xbox one atm, im thinking about picking up ghosts.

Is it worth it for xbox one, or should i just wait until Titanfall (I'll still be leaving my xbox360 plugged in so can play online with that if i want to)

I also like the look of Dead Rising 3 and Assassins Creed Blackflag. I completed AC1, which I didn't enjoy and played a little of number 2, which I didn't enjoy. The pirate theme has intrigued me however, how is blackflag compared to previous AC titles? If i didn't enjoy the previous games, has enough changed in this for me to enjoy it? A friend told me it was originally meant to be a new IP but they then made it into an AC game to help sell more copies?

What would you guys recommend that I pick up? Are there many arcade/digital titles available yet, and when are the next big round up of games due to release?

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User Info: bessy67

3 years ago#2
I loved AC4, but it isn't that different gameplay-wise from AC2 so if you didn't like that then maybe rent it first. Personally I'd recommend Dead Rising 3, Powerstar Golf, and Peggle 2. I also really like AC4 and Battlefield 4 but if you don't like those kind of games...

I'll probably also pick up Max: Curse of Brotherhood tomorrow and Halo: Spartan Assault on the 24th.
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User Info: Each3

3 years ago#3
Definitely pick up Dead Rising 3!

To me it just feels like a such complete game with tons of content.

User Info: shads3055

3 years ago#4
ryse, forza, killer instinct, black flag, titianfall, destiny, halo, ufc, witcher 3

User Info: Jx1010

3 years ago#5
Pick up Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
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User Info: -FryShakeWad-

3 years ago#6
Skip killer instinct, at least until they can put out a finished product. DR 3 is fun, I heard most of the sports games were good if that's your thing. People say Peggle 2 is fun.


3 years ago#7
Ki is free, so get it just cause. Dead Rising 3 is one of the most fun games I've played in a while. I would reccomend it highly.

Check out Peggle 2 as well, its ridiculously addicting. I completed it and got all the achievements in 2 days, and was sad that multiplayer was all i could do. Finally AC4 is another good one, those would be my 3 too games so far.
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User Info: DisgaeaNut

3 years ago#8
Dead Rising 3 and Peggle 2 are the only games I can recommend. Most others are trash IMO.

User Info: suicide machine

suicide machine
3 years ago#9
peggle 2 is a big hit in my house. one game that doesn't get enough attention, I think, is need for speed rivals. I definitely dig it
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User Info: Masterchief5525

3 years ago#10
DR3, AC IV, Killer Instinct, Ryse if you enjoy those type of games, Forza if you enjoy sim racers or NFS if you enjoy arcade racers.
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