Getting it delivered tomorrow - What games to pick up?

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User Info: studepaber

3 years ago#11
I'm having the most fun w Battlefield 4 (you said you aren't interested tho), Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Peggle 2. Forza 5 and Killer Instinct are good games too, I'm just not huge into racers and fighters.

User Info: kraven867

3 years ago#12
If you got a Sam's Club near you with a membership, you can get BF4 and ACIV for $34.98 each according to reddit.
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User Info: zeekcruz425

3 years ago#13
My experience with COD Ghost has been a miss, ive gotten all of the Cod's leading up to this one and i enjoyed all of them. I got Ghost and its like im learning to play a whole new game, im getting destroyed online. The story is meh, the maps are HUGE! like im talking most of the buildings in the maps are accessible, which sounds intriguing until you spend 5 minutes trying to find some one only to get shot... the graphics are not next gen at all, it runs at 60 fps which is smooth.

ive spent most of my time playing NBA 2k14 which is amazing! Graphically impressive! and the gameplay is very nice.

I also got Forza 5, Looks and feel very next gen.

i also have Killer Intstinct, its a fun game.

im getting ryse for christmas, ive heard really good things about it.
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User Info: DarthTophat

3 years ago#14
To the guy who said about Street Fighter, I wasn't aware Street Fighter was out for the Xbox One?
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User Info: tokenblackguy23

3 years ago#15
Its funny to see so many say "Dead Rising 3 is a must buy" I played it and honestly was bored out of my darn mind. I had way more fun with AC4, Dead Rising was just underwhelming and looked terrible in comparision to AC4

User Info: -Oath-

3 years ago#16
Each3 posted...
Definitely pick up Dead Rising 3
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