How long are your batteries lasting?

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User Info: zeekcruz425

3 years ago#11
i had purchased the duracell quantums and when i got my console i put the ones prepackaged aside. The quantums didnt last as much as i thought they would, but then again i played for quite a long time. i stepped out and purchased the plug and play. Had i known about the eneloop's i would gone with those, they sound like they get the job done.
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User Info: krystyla

3 years ago#12
GamerMingle posted...
I prefer the Xbox systems over the Sony systems all day, but I have owned both and I have to say; having built in batteries and coming with a charge cable is a great idea and I have no idea why Microsoft hasn't done this also. Maybe they have stock in every battery company or just trying to sell more plug and plays, either way it is kind of lame that the XBONE controller aren't pre-built with internal batteries.

I don't prefer built in akku, the DS4 has a 1000 mAh akku, I use 2 2100mAh batteries in my XBO controller and still have 2 additional always charged
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