Why on earth does anyone buy systems at launch?

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User Info: Nolax

3 years ago#71
Yeah buying early is kinda dumb, i mean the consoles always have something wrong with them and the launch games are garbage.

User Info: Ex360

3 years ago#72
These topics are as moronic as the people who make them.

User Info: XdemonAlucard

3 years ago#73
When a game comes out that I want to play I don't want to have to buy the console and the game at the same time spending $500+ in one go.
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User Info: AWarAmp84

3 years ago#74
Well TC, think of the crowd of people that line up every year for the latest iphone. It's pretty much the same thing aside from some very minor tweaks yet these people just need to get their hands on one. It's just for social status. Everyone with a brain knows these next gen consoles aren't too impressive, yet. I say let the sheep buy all the launch consoles with a very limited game selection at full price. I'll wait for a bundle and by then maybe, just maybe there will be a game that I'll want to play. FYI, I have more than enough money to buy either new console.
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User Info: Santaeid

3 years ago#75
I believe people buy systems at launch for a few reasons.

1. They love new technology
2. There actually is a game they like. I got a PS4 just for Killzone Shadowfall because I love Killzone that much. Or maybe they wanted 64 player BF4 and did not want to spend money upgrading a computer for it.
3. Got one for a game coming soon like Infamous and also wanted to play the better version of NBA or BF4. I think people also got it early because Destiny was supposed to come out in Spring 2014 but got delayed to Summer.
4. And if we did not buy them early then people who want to wait or couldn't afford it right now wouldn't be able to get it cheaper because Sony/MS would think no one would want it and they would lose money and no one would develop for the consoles so no games.

User Info: weird_sama

3 years ago#76
because they can? :3

User Info: Bladez_89

3 years ago#77
I'm blown away with my X1. Sure the installing games takes forever and there's a few bugs, but come on... My first lap on forza 5 was jaw dropping for me. I haven't got Ryse or DR3 but I've got cod and bf4 and they too are excellent (despite what fanboys/trolls say). It's a good time to be a gamer! So I'm glad I got one at launch.

User Info: Revenanced

3 years ago#78
It's certainly not for the launch titles.
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User Info: shads3055

3 years ago#79
because new games are out with better graphics and old gen is now old

User Info: Mecamatt

3 years ago#80
It's a good thing people buy systems at launch, otherwise the developers would abandon it.
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