Saw a huge stack of Xbox One consoles at Best Buy today

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User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#51
jakethenoob posted...
Neither system is worth buying for the games they have right now and won't be for a while.

Good thing most people don't think like that. If they did we wouldn't have any games to play.
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User Info: DamnEvilDog

3 years ago#52
Pulp posted...
DamnEvilDog posted...
From asking a good guy that I talk to that works at Gamestop....

I have nothing better to do. What store, what is the phone #. I plan on calling.

Northgate square in Cincinnati, Ohio. phone number# 513-245-1130

Have fun I guess?

User Info: cloudhighwing

3 years ago#53 BBY wouldn't let a launch console even touch the floor. u want one...u gotta grab one from an associate. but then again i'm chicago area lol
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User Info: MetroidFan9999

3 years ago#54
TheBorderCollie posted...
icewolf74 posted...
My first time seeing unbought consoles since launch, Nov. 22nd. There must have been 30 or 40 consoles all stacked up like in a pyramid in the middle of the sales floor over by customer service today. It's great that Microsoft is keeping up with the demand of this awesome console, even more great that they are beating the scalpers. Unfortunately, there were no PS4 consoles to be found on the sales floor. Sony must have a real hard time making enough consoles unlike what Microsoft is doing. Very cool.

I know what ya mean, TC.....The other day, my local Best Buy had several PS4s in stock and the Xbox 1 was totally sold out.

Seeing the exact opposite everywhere I go!

TBC telling fibs again? so sad =(
Xbox One = Xbone = Crossbone = Jolly Roger.

User Info: based_god_

3 years ago#55
yeah my bby in SC had at least 50 on friday. not on the floor though--on the top of the shelves in the gaming section. i'm going to go back later and see how many they have left. i bought mine last monday when they had 7, thinking i was getting a rarity. i'm enjoying it regardless if it is impossible to find or not. the guy at best buy did tell me that most parents come in to buy ps4s, but have been leaving with ones because 'it'll do'. probably not the case everywhere, but at least in my store microsoft seems to be benefiting from large supply.
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