Predict which sequels/prequels ya expect to see announced/more of next year

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User Info: zerooo0

3 years ago#1
I expect Rocksteady to show off their Batman game around E3. Which would be just amazing if it does happen. Ideally it would be a complete curve ball and be set in the Batman Beyond universe, but I doubt that is going to happen sadly:( But I do expect Rocksteady to show off or announce their new game whatever it is.

Obviously the regular AC, and CoD games will come out next year. Which the AC game should be more interesting than the CoD, in my opinion.
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User Info: An0therBK

3 years ago#2
Can't wait to hear about halo.

A new gears of war would be cool- but campaign only. I never liked multiplayer. It's just people summersaulting with shotguns

Ever hear of a game called "Freedom Fighters"? I would love to see that game remade as an XBone game!!!!! That game was friggin fun yo

Forza 6- with everything that was in Forza 4 (auction house, storefront, etc) but with more and better cars. I want them to put in the Zenvo!!!!

New Batman game. For sure!

Star Wars. Anything. I want a kick*** Star Wars game.

I know it's a playstation title, but even if its on the ps4 only; LittleBigPlanet 3!!!!!! Lets go mediamolecule.....

Ps4 game- Uncharted 4!!!!


Red Dead!!!!!!!!

I want a cool zombie game. Nothing cheesy like dead rising or left4dead. I want something on the level of the batman games, or uncharted like storyline.

Maybe a good resident evil game, like the original or RE2. The original was so amazing. The music, the story..... I didn't like anything after those, they became crap. I didn't care for RE5. The graphics looked good, but you couldn't walk around and shoot??? What the heck was that all about.

Lets get a new FEAR game. But make it interesting. The first one was good. A little creepy. The second one was pretty good level design and shooting wise. But it wasn't creepy enough. I didn't play the 3rd game but I have it.

Saints Row. But more like SR2 was. It just got out of control with 3, and #4 was just off the wall ridiculous.

Tomb Raider. I know they are putting out the Newest Tomb Raider that came out early 2013, but I want a new one.

Obviously I want to see a new assassins creed. But no more pirates. Lets get something cool.

And I want an awesome alien planet shooting game. Something halo like

That's all I got right now.
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User Info: An0therBK

3 years ago#3
That's not a prediction. It's more of a wish list.
Gamertag and PSN=LEPRACHAUN31783
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