How are you enjoying your XBOX ONE this Holiday season?

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User Info: Troll_Directory

3 years ago#11
i love it. voice command home theater. forza and peggle. powerstar golf is a great surprise. those three games alone have my other consoles collecting dust. and i still have ryse, ki, ac4, and dr3 installed whenever i finally tire of those other three. if, ever.

User Info: Sorbetowulf

3 years ago#12
No. I'm not enjoying my Xbox One this holiday season. :(

I would be, but I'm so backlogged with work deadlines that I'll be spending the next week working at least 14 hour days until my deadline is met that I'll be lucky if I even sleep. It's so bad my girlfriend basically gave up spending time with me to go have Christmas dinner with her family without me. :(

I'm literally skipping Christmas entirely this year.

On the plus side, I'll be rich at the end of the month. Well, not literally. But I'll have a boat load of money.

Eat turkey dinner and game for me, people!

User Info: NightMareBunny

3 years ago#13
I've had mine since launch and i gotta say while not a huge improvement over my PS3 it's vastly better than just sticking it out with the wiiu until i could find a PS4

I've Already Beaten DR3(Very Good Game By The Way)this past sunday and aside from that i own the following

AC4 Black Flag
Forza Motorsport 5
Killer Instinct(Ultra Combo Edition)
Killer Instinct Classic
Lego Marvel Superheroes

i played mostly DR3 And Killer instinct but started putting more time into AC4 as i drew closer to completing DR3

haven't really touched forza that much though my dad grabbed a second controller just so he could play it(He's hyped for it)so I'm sure to be racing more sometime soon

Killer Instinct Classic is frustrating as hell and i only tolerate because it was with the ultra pack

Lego Marvel Superheroes(grabbed it sunday)is a fun wacky little game for marvel fanatics like me but I'm worried that the repetitive gameplay will get on my nerves sooner than later

honestly though it's a fine system and watching crackle while playing killer instinct at the same time is something i plan to do more in the near future(or just with any other online games i get at some point)
PS3 Tag: VV_Argost
XB1 Gamertag: GamerClawdeen
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