X1 blu-ray drive is better than the PS4

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User Info: BeefEaster

3 years ago#121
SmellThePoop posted...
ILikeGamesMan posted...
SmellThePoop posted...
Most of us are not on here 8 to 10 hours a day, five days a week. Like certain other posters are. (Hmmmmmmmm.....)

I also find that anyone who demands a PSN or GT in order to "proove" something on a forum board at the same time they say they "are just here because they like the Xbox One" has serious social issues or is going a bit off-script from their job description.

I...I... dont even know what to say. I have 65 active messages. How does that equate to 8 to 10 hours a day, five days a week?

Also, I hope you are under the age of 16 with a name like that. Having the immature name of "SmellThePoop" basically sums up the mentality of an overzealous Sony zombie.

Of course you do not know what to say, as you have no defense against being on here all day. Did you forget about the timestamps of the posts? Secondly, for someone "who owns both consoles and isn't here to bash the PS4 but just praise the Xbox One", saying overzealous Sony zombie rather outs your true purpose.

My name alludes to the BS that is shifted around here quite often. Like in most of your posts for example.

You work Saturdays? I guess we'll see.

did you forget that people can post here from their phone or tablet now?
or that some people have access to computers and the internet while at work?
I know it's crazy, but this is how far technology has come

I play with dolls: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y153/BeefEaster/003_zps64d8bdd3.jpg

User Info: InjusticeReborn

3 years ago#122
Juzten76 posted...
Mindwipe77 posted...
Juzten76 posted...
archibald3 posted...
FOXSOLID posted...
Not that I believe you TC, but what's funny is that all the things people talk up about the X1 are features that have nothing to do with playing video games. You know? That main feature we get these consoles for? You know? That main feature that PS4 does better hand over fist?

Yeah, talk up your gimmicks to your heart's content, its all you have.

As is the eternal question for both of you - What the hell are you doing hanging around posting on an Xbox One video game board ? The most absurd thing , that rises far above any of this spec talk , and has been proven time and time again by the polls and threads :

WHY ARE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEIR PS4 AND THINK X1 IS INFERIOR AND GIMMICKY hanging around this video board posting all day ? Get a life for gawds sake...its the pinnacle of foolishness..

Its the catch 22 of this whole board. You CANT look superior and it completely deflates your credibility that your here in the first place. Its laughable . You can postulate until your blue in the face but the simple fact of your continued presence on this board exposes your insecurity by its existence.

That's exactly what they don't get. How do these people think anyone takes them seriously when they are hanging out on a message board for something they hate? The only ones who agree with them are their alts or the other trolls who are just as ridiculous as they are. It's like a group of Packer fans hanging out in a Vikings bar just to talk crap about them and then wondering why they are getting their asses kicked.

and yet you guys dont think you are doing anything wrong by constantly hating on ps4 yourselves, making endless ps4 topics. Alot of you like to fall back on the ps4 ponies.mods are ps4 fanboys excuse whenever someone isn't praising the xbox, so before you guys talk crap about others needing to get a life, take a LONG look in the mirror, you're no saints

Whenever someone isn't praising the Xbox? Ok, I've participated in many threads offering constructive criticism about the controller, the dashboard, and some of the lackluster games. There are faults with the Xbox One that I'm more than happy to talk about. That's not why you're here though. You're here to hate on something you have no intention of buying it's the same with many of these trolls.

It's really funny, how you guys give yourselves away by getting really upset when someone mentions "fanboys", "ponies", or "trolls". You give yourselves away by taking offense to those statements because you know damn well the shoe fits. I notice it all the time. I see people use the term Xbot a lot on this board but not once have I been offended by it because I'm not an Xbot. I'm a gamer who has no bias towards game consoles. The very fact that you replied to my above statement defending the type of annoying people I mentioned just goes to show how you are the very type of person I'm talking about.

DANG, archibald and Juzten smacking them back as soon as they come!

I've been popping in and out all day (well, this is just the second time I've popped on here, I'm bored :( ), reading through a few threads, and it is amazing to see the 'usual's' still doing their thing, even on the big day.

One would have thought they'd give themselves a rest. Hibernate maybe, build up that energy, maybe come up with some new material even, for the campaign to continue on. But I can't knock that hard working mentality. :P

Never change, usual's.

User Info: Dudeman315

3 years ago#123
Megaman Omega posted...
Gamer4e4 posted...
Whether you are right,wrong or trolling I simply don't care. But I'll tell you one thing.

I wanted to buy a GAMES console for GAMING.

Because the blu-ray drives is totally not used to play video games? Oh wait...

Actually they are not they are only used for installing them. The games then play off of the hard drive. Also PS4 has faster install-to-play times than the Xbox One currently, although it should be fixable with a firmware update as the actual specs of the Blu-ray drives are probably very similar.
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