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User Info: jcosta223

3 years ago#1
whats the best deal going on right now for xbox live? i have until jan 1 or renew.

User Info: bob15x

3 years ago#2
good luck, i think you missed it. a few weeks ago it was 39.99 everywhere

User Info: LostOdyssey17

3 years ago#3
60 for a year is still well worth it
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User Info: outcast1398

3 years ago#4
I got a 39.99 deal a few weeks ago. Amazon emailed me a code, maybe something to do with the 1 year I've had in my cart so I could keep an eye on price drops?

jcosta223 - Long shot, but if you still need this PM me.

Anyways because of my X1 purchase, Amazon emailed me another code that gives the same discount, on the digital purchase I believe. PM me (first come first served) if you would like this.

If jcosta hasn't gotten back to me by then it up for anyone else that could use this today. I'll give to the first PM (1 time use unfortunately). Must be used by today to be valid. I'll check back in an hour or so.

With the one from a few weeks ago I gave out the code to some buddies but I didn't realize it was one time use :/. The couple of buddies I offered this to are already set for another year.

User Info: That_Damn_Kid

3 years ago#5
LostOdyssey17 posted...
60 for a year is still well worth it

I lol'd.

40 is the max I would pay.

Sometimes eBay's Daily Deal will have it for 35. There was one sale for $20 for a year.
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User Info: Dcrenshaw04

3 years ago#6
jcosta223 posted...
whats the best deal going on right now for xbox live? i have until jan 1 or renew.

I went to best buy last week and they had the 12 month for 50$. Only 10 dollars cheaper than the regular 60 but if you're looking to save. The cashier made it sound like it's priced at 50$ pretty regularly but she could of been talking out of her a**. Call first
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