price of digital games $60?

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User Info: zinsindetta

3 years ago#11
bessy67 posted...
Retail stores don't want their games to be $60 when the digital versions are $40-$50, and MS and Sony want to keep retail stores happy so they continue to stock their products.

This. You mess with the stores and they might just now care to even carry the product. Kinda like what happened with Beyonce new CD and Target.
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User Info: DojoMax

3 years ago#12
jrbeerman11 posted...
Some Digital games are cheaper on steam, and ps plus has discounts on digital, so live may start giving some incentives sooner than later

I wasn't aware that MS doesn't offer discounts and special sales. And here I was thinking that they've done this for years. Silly me.
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User Info: loafy013

3 years ago#13
Because people will still buy it for $60. If everybody went with physical media, they might rethink the pricing structure.
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User Info: SigmaLongshot

3 years ago#14
This is one of the very few issues I see when it comes to the dichotomy of physical and digital copies appearing in tandem. The values of both come into question.

The literal value of a game is "the right to experience an interactive experience from start to finish" - and as such a game is more akin to watching a film at the cinema, than, say, owning a Blu Ray. The licensing is far more akin to the cinematic "experience" than the "product". As such the digital copy is currently seen as being totally equal to the physical disk copy.

But I personally believe that despite not necessarily "owning" the experience, you own the PORTAL to the experience, and as such, you have more control over the experience.

You might not have more rights by owning a disk, but you have more options, and that in itself is worth a little more.
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User Info: method115

3 years ago#15
sonicteam2k1 posted...
PraetorXyn posted...
Because Microsoft and Sony each have monopolies on their respective digital storefronts with no one to compete with om price.

The reason PC has set Christmas good digital sales is because you have GOG, then the host of websites that sell Steam keys usually cheaper than steam itself, thenSteam. Plenty of digital sstorefronts competing for your business.

On a console, Microsoft and Sony respectively has you by the b**** so to speak.

and this is why I only buy my digital titles on PC. My storage is cheaper and the gmaes are vastly cheaper.

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User Info: Ty5454

3 years ago#16
I will prob never buy digitial really like have the disk
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User Info: Pixx0

3 years ago#17
BadLuckInc posted...
All the haters didn't like the route Microsoft was taking with their DRM policies, so the digital age was cut short. Now you reap what you sow.

with reasons. I didn't see any great sale during the 360/ps3 era, hinting me at how good/better for us, this would be. Going Full digital? Ok, but at the right price.
PS: I don't take lube as a rebate, MS...sorry.
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