So how do we know that Microsoft isn't just better at maintaining supplies?

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User Info: Sorbetowulf

3 years ago#31
sjc1279 posted...
Sorbetowulf posted...
sjc1279 posted...
TBONE_OG posted...
Sorbetowulf posted...
We know they're better at maintaining supplies because their marketing department hasn't had to release a PSA saying "crap, sorry. We're going to be critically short of stock for the foreseeable future. So much so, we aren't going to bother sending stock to our home territory until two or three months after the console has been out." Like Sony has.

That'd be like a pro sports team in its first year of operation playing every game on the road because they don't have an arena built...

I can't believe PS4 didn't release in Japan. That's so weird. I wonder what Japanese people think? Or if they even care...

PS4 preorder already surpassed half million in japan.

So? It's still pathetic they can't even manufacture a half-million consoles to send into their own home.

Sony already knows that Xbox one is not going to sell in japan. There's no competition for PS4 in japan so they are focusing on other territories.

Which exactly proves my first point. They know they're so critically short of stock, they feel it adequate to stonewall their own territory because they know Japanese culture operates completely contrary to western culture in terms of product loyalty. They're intentionally shafting people they know they can shaft so they can still under deliver their abysmal stock to the rest of the world. They've pretty much said this on record. I'm not saying that the PS4 isn't going to outsell the XBox One, because it clearly will, but that completely lowballed manufacturing estimate is precisely what is helping XBox Ones sell consoles.

I mean, sure, yeah, stores have XBox Ones. This isn't a surprise. As I stated in another thread, i walked into Future Shop here in Canada on Boxing Day at open and 16 XBox Ones were on the shelf. Went back there this afternoon, they're down to two. Talk to the sales guy "yeah, we haven't had any PS4's in stock since day one. We're hoping for a shipment. I'd say we're about even between the two consoles. People are buying XBox Ones off of the shelf today because it's in stock, and they have gift cards."

If your supply chain is THAT bad that people will buy a competitor's (more expensive product) off the shelf as opposed to pre-ordering, you're pretty much letting them compete with you more than they should be able to. Competition is great and all, but letting your competitors keep pace because you don't have your s*** together is... pathetic.

Even the projections the Sony fans are throwing up indicate that the much more in demand PS4 is only set to outstrip the XB1 by maybe 500,000 units next NDP, which, conveniently, is exactly the numbers of Japanese pre-orders. They've given MS parity everywhere else by their own manufacturing inferiority.

And the superior sales in Japan don't correspond to increase exclusives and the like in the rest of the world because half the titles in Japan don't see the light of day commercially in the EU and NA. Only the hardcore collectors score Japanese-only titles.

I'd be tickled if the numbers show 55/45 sales in favour of Sony, because if the gap is that close, the much more lucrative Microsoft pockets will go after more unknown new (re: cheaper to make exclusive) titles than Sony, and we'll score some diamonds in the rough. The disparity should be much closer to 70/30 Sony.

Everyone defending MS owes Sony a big thanks for selling XB1's for them.

User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#32
TheBorderCollie posted...
So how do we know that Microsoft isn't just better at maintaining supplies?

Well, until the sale topics really start kicking in, we don't.

User Info: chrish909

3 years ago#33
I cant wait until the most recent sales numbers come in, sony fanboys are going to have mental breakdowns.
This is why I'm never going to get a ps4
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