Ryse vs. Killzone

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User Info: BlackFeathers

3 years ago#21
They are both bad games, so in the end, no one wins.
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User Info: InfiniteHERO

3 years ago#22
I played and beat Killzone and even though some scenes were very nice to look at the game was fairly generic and honestly I felt that KZ2 & 3 were much better..

Im still waiting to get a XB1 and when I do I will for sure be grabbing RYSE
PSN: Infinite_HERO79

User Info: CapnStanky

3 years ago#23
Can't speak for Ryse, but Shadow Fall is one of the absolute worst FPS I've ever had the displeasure of playing. Everything about it except for the graphics is mediocre.

User Info: ironpanthr

3 years ago#24
I played killzone. It was pretty. It was not any fun. Least fun I've had playing a game in as long as I can remember. Just started playing Ryse. Also a very pretty game. Yet to be seen if I'll enjoy it, but so far so good.

User Info: BlackFeathers

3 years ago#25
This just goes to show that Pretty Graphics won't save a mediocre game(s). I never played Ryse but I did not like Killzone SP. MP is a generic FPS, which is fine I guess... :-/
NP:Assassins Creed 4 & Warframe. PS4 Wishlist - Doki Doki Universe, Knack.

User Info: velvet_hammer

3 years ago#26
MasteroftheArts posted...
1) They took cinematic pics from Killzone Shadowfall then compared them to some of the worst shots you could find from Ryze in order to validate their pre-existing opinion that Killzone looks the best.

2) This was particularly funny.

"Ryse sucks, ofcourse they can double the polygons because its 720p ****. 720p is less than half of 1080p pixels."

The games play completely differently and the art style is completely different. It's like comparing Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite.

Not cinematic pics of kz play it and you would know..it also does look that good on a 50 inch Sony bravia
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