What is the point of letting Xbox 360 users know their friend has a Xbox One?

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User Info: Saxon

3 years ago#1
Like, I'll be checking out what my friends are doing online and a few of them are always on Xbox One.

I'm almost encouraged to delete them as friends since all they're doing is playing Xbox One now.

User Info: coolnessmancool

3 years ago#2
Does it hurt seeing your old wrestling buddies have Xbox Ones Stevie?
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User Info: bmx_parkrider

3 years ago#3
It entices people to buy one faster. It worked on me lol. I'm REALLY happy with it too.
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User Info: CapwnD

3 years ago#4
When I see my friends online playing Ghosts, I message them telling them to get off that crap and come back to BLOPS2
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User Info: Lerp85

3 years ago#5
Well, if some one was playing ghost, and thats all it said, and you tried inviting them to play with you and they were on the one and you were on the 360, you would be complaining about that now too.
I buy DLC. If that makes me a "sheep" then oh well. Don't like it? Oh well, get over it.

User Info: crucial

3 years ago#6
All kinds of buttsore in this thread.

User Info: Cosmic_Diabetic

3 years ago#7
perhaps hang out irl?
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User Info: EmbersOfElder

3 years ago#8
I actually quite like that feature. Not sure why this one is gripe-worthy.

User Info: Dugger1981

3 years ago#9
Honestly, this isn't anything that is gripe-worthy. I just let out a chuckle when I see my Xbox Live friends being online on their Xbox One while I'm on the 360. If they enjoy the system, then good for them. I have no interest in purchasing that piece of crap.

Xbox 360: Your friends are on the Xbox One! Upgrade to Gold now and get an Xbox One like your friends! Be one of them! Join the sheep! Play Call of Duty with them.

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User Info: metaldiggle2

3 years ago#10
To try to make 360 users jelly.
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