So my question to ps4ers

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User Info: BushidoEffect3

3 years ago#71
CNN posted...
I had playstation plus before PS4 even came out.

Here's an easy answer.

Because it's a better console

Quit with the stupid ass questions.

Haha your name. CNN has spoken. Better than FOX news at least..,,
My awkward wife...

User Info: V_Burgh

3 years ago#72
I'll bite.
1) The PS4 is cheaper than the XB1
2) I have no interest in any of Microsoft's exclusives I've seen thus far. I never found a single Call of Duty to be fun for more than an hour, thus Titanfall looks boring as all hell it's generic Online only FPS #32849204829 with bad looking mechs. Dead Rising always looked stupid to me the latest iteration even more so. D4 actually sounds kind of interesting, but as a flail about you be the controller game it will never sell me the system. Fable hasn't been good since it stopped being Project: Ego. Halo meh.
3) I don't feel like I'm Microsoft's target audience. I don't want to be a space marine, I don't want to kill zombies, I don't like multiplayer shooters, I don't like sports, I don't like mountain dew, and I don't like doritos.
4) I have several devices that can do most of the Kinect's lauded features better than the Kinect. I have a smartphone and a high end gaming PC.

These are the primary reasons why I will not switch to the Xbox One. The one thing they could maybe do and I sincerely doubt this will happen is create an exclusive single player RPG series that's actually good (And not just buying timed exclusives and timed exclusive dlc I despise that practice) and a Kinectless model that's $100 to $150 cheaper and I may purchase an Xbox One. Admittedly though, I would still probably purchase the system used to ensure Microsoft was getting as little of my money as possible. Because I'm the consumer and they haven't done a damn thing to earn my money. All they've done this gen is try to enforce draconian DRM policies on me and my fellow gamers.

User Info: Spetsnaz420

3 years ago#73
More power at a lower cost
No mandatory camera
Exclusives that cater to my tastes better
Less content behind a paywall
Free game rentals for as long as I subscribe to plus
And most importantly my IRL friends are going PS4 this gen
I don't conform to social convention
PS4 or Xbox... Why not Zoidberg?

User Info: tycl1959

3 years ago#74
bmx_parkrider posted...
The only thing that people said they played ps3 for was free internet, and blue ray.

My question for you is... Since ps4 internet isn't free anymore, and xb1 has a blue ray, why WOULDN'T you make the switch to xb1?

1080p. much better hardware in ps4. government already said they monitor live. ms lies about everything they do. better exclusives on the ps4. games run much better on the ps4. ms makes junk. there is a reason the ps4 is outselling the boner by 2 to 1.

User Info: Lord XIII

3 years ago#75
PS4 is cheaper and a bit more powerful.
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