Xbox One is arguably the best system ever made

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User Info: vyseskies

3 years ago#71
djprofessork1 posted...

After the WiiU.
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User Info: mv-dev-null

3 years ago#72
Key word: arguably.

User Info: erosennin4444

3 years ago#73
ElPolloDiablo87 posted...
_____ is arguably the best _____ ever made. Insert any mad lib you want, it still works.
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User Info: Gamer4e4

3 years ago#74
jrush2011 posted...
djprofessork1 posted...

A Taxpayer Funded Drone to Spy on Us, and NSA has taken Full Advantage. Fundraising time again?


User Info: KazamaKojinrai

3 years ago#75
Smartest topic I read all day.
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User Info: plus1zero

3 years ago#76
We'll see. I kind of doubt it, but we'll see.

It's going to be hard for this thing to topple the PS2, DS, SNES, or even the NES. Everyone and their brother has owned one of those in the past, and they had a ton of games, and games of quality. The X1 is nice, but the PS4 could end up being the true PS2 successor.

User Info: vanni_boi

3 years ago#77
SNES best console ever made = Truth
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User Info: iggyhaxor

3 years ago#78
Wish there were more games available
Also wish my live arcade games and 360 games were playable
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User Info: skermac

3 years ago#79
vanni_boi posted...
SNES best console ever made = Truth

next to Sega Genesis
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User Info: kdognumba1

3 years ago#80

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