Xbox One has become the premium console, PS4 is the budget console

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User Info: snakes_codec

3 years ago#51
The premium console costs $100 more and has weaker specs.

User Info: Pinoy441

3 years ago#52
Pinoy441 posted...
> Everyone on this board is apparently "Tired" of PS4 fanboys coming over
> Continues to make topics like these to bait them into coming back
> u wot m8
*grabs popcorn*

User Info: krillens

3 years ago#53
TerraUniverse posted...
Coutts2 posted...
Premium = PC
Budget = all consoles

I guess I should have said "charging a premium" instead of saying premium.

Yeah, there are some very expensive PC's that run into the thousands of dollars. Still, I think because there aren't as many exclusive PC games, perhaps that's why it's not that popular.

insert foot in mouth

also PC has the most popular exclusives.. fact. WoW has had over 10 million monthly subscribers for years. LoL has 30+ million monthly users, etc
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User Info: NAAAznP

3 years ago#54
A bigger price tag for inferior hardware is all it takes to be a premium product for bots?

User Info: pwnater777

3 years ago#55
NAAAznP posted...
A bigger price tag for inferior hardware is all it takes to be a premium product for bots?

TC logic
"That's NASCAR tactics."
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User Info: tycl1959

3 years ago#56
TerraUniverse posted...
It's interesting, but when you see Playstation fans complaining about paying for PSN (which Xbox players have been paying for Xbox Live since the Xbox original), then it's just an interesting phenomenon. It's like Sony has conditioned its players to expect a more economical approach when it comes to competing with Xbox. Sony has become the Walmart of gaming. It's basically trying to get the lowest prices and win people over that way.

I can understand that most people want the lowest price, but it's become a trend with Playstation. Playstation at one time was charging a premium for its products. It was like Apple, basically. Now, the way it wins players is by doing the cheapest thing and even then it's not working. The problem becomes that the people just want things to be cheaper and cheaper, and even when things are cheaper, they're not buying the PS4. They may as well have charged $600 for the PS4, if they knew that people weren't going to be buying the PS4 that much more than the Xbox One. If something is very popular, they can charge more for it. That's what Apple does. That's what premium consoles do. If Sony was confident with its used game policy, they should have seen that as an advantage over Xbox and charged more for it, since they were doing something good for consumers.

When you encourage people to always go for lower prices, then that encourages people to be even more cheaper. There are many people who would pay a premium for a console and this is where Playstation is losing money. Microsoft is charging $500 for their console and their Xbox Live costs $60 a year. They're selling like hotcakes.

Maybe Sony just got too excited by E3 and was thinking that everyone would buy Playstation and that few people would buy Xbox. The moment Microsoft reversed on its DRM policies, it basically stopped that plan completely.

It's interesting, because I don't Microsoft is trying to be expensive, it's just that Sony is putting themselves in this position, because they thought they would take the prize easily after their great E3 showing. Do you not see how Sony is making Xbox One the premium console?

you do know that every1 is buying the ps4 while the xbone sits on shelfs. ps4 outsold the bone by a million in a month. that's 12 million more in a year. I pay 29 fpr ps+/ got 6 games free so far including resogun which is better than anything on the bone. nice try young lady. I really like the part where you say its selling like hotcakes. that's why there is so many bones sitting in stores. cant find a ps4 because they are selling like fresh

User Info: aya469

3 years ago#57
TerraUniverse posted...
koichi posted...
pretty sure the wii u is the budget console.


no online fee.

less everything but exclusives that are actually fun.

At this point, Wii U is barely getting noticed. A lot of casual gamers don't even know that it's different from the Wii. Nintendo has great games, and they are fun, but I don't think most people know about it.

Sony deliberately chose to price their console at $400, when they could have at least matched the $500 that Xbox had, and maybe added a bigger hard drive or something. It just seems like Playstation is making tactics on the fly, whereas the Xbox One had a more long-term strategy, at least when it comes to how the console would be priced.

Xbox One positioned itself as a premium console by including the Kinect in every box and purportedly spending hundreds of millions of dollars designing the Xbox One controller alone. Yes, just the controller.

I'm curious as to why Playstation would bow down and go the cheap route, even after they've been successful with E3. Playstation is definitely popular.

Especially since at one time Sony used to have the most expensive in TV's and music players.

Yes, doing a complete 180 on 90% of your consoles policies less than 6 months before launch is a long term plan.
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User Info: avroarrow105

3 years ago#58
So if Xbone is the premium console why is it getting it's ass handed to it by the PS4.

It's a close race I will admit but the fact remains that PS4 is outselling the Xbone.
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